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  1. BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 61

    Jorge takes the week off, and things go so smoothly that the show ends slightly early for once.  Joe, JT, and G discuss the week in professional wrestling television, play a song in honor of’s That Damn Double C, and we discuss this week’s wrestling news, including an in-depth investigation of the state of Hart […]

  2. BWF Radio Episode 60

    We break stuff and complain because The Rock beat CM Punk at the Royal Rumble. That’s worse than having your eye shot out, apparently. Jorge’s herpes flare up. The crew is joined by Brian Muller once again, and in a shocking twist ending, Jorge joins twitter. We talk Royal Rumble, RAW, SmackDown, Main Event, ROH, […]

  3. BWF Radio Episode 59: Royal Rumble Roundtable

    It’s a BWF Radio of Royal Rumble sized proportions!  Joe, Jorge, JT, G, Hornsby of BotchedSpot, Brian Muller of Buffalo’s Scarlet Embrace, and Brian DeVille and Frankie Feathers of Empire State Wrestling battle to get a word in edgewise as the 8 men give their thoughts and predictions for the WWE’s annual Royal Rumble  Pay Per View […]

  4. BWF Radio Episode 58

    The BWF Crew are once again joined by Alice Radley from Rational Wrestling Review, and promptly screw up the name of her site.  We talk RAW, SmackDown, Impact, Main Event, Saturday Morning Slam, ECW on TNN, Wrestling Society X, and Shotgun Saturday Night.  Give or take a few.  Then we talk about all the great […]

  5. BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 57

    Greetings, fellow Bored Wrestling Fans!  ThinkSoJoE, JT, G, and Jorge bring you another great episode of BWF Radio!  This week, we rant about The Rock!  All of the wrestling television from the week is discussed, as well as Superstar Billy Graham’s reaction to CM Punk’s RAW promo.  Zack Ryder’s YouTube show is history, is his […]

  6. BWF Radio Episode 56

    Oh man, wrestling fans… this week was one hell of a ride. We were joined by @AliceRadley of Rational Wrestling Review and rather quickly Jorge and Alice embark us onto a pretty entertaining diatribe about… things. We roll through the week of WWE, TNA, and ROH as usual and return to the madness that is […]

  7. BWF Radio Episode 55

    Happy Holidays, wrestling fans! The BWF Radio crew have returned, although two of the crew are quite under the weather. We run through the week that was in wrestling during this insane holiday season, debate the way RAW was presented, as well as Impact and Smackdown. The Iron Sheik gets a spotlight on Twitter, Inoki […]

  8. BWF Radio 54

    Even within the madness of the holidays, the BWF Radio crew returned on Sunday to discuss the week that was in professional wrestling. The WWE offered up a sleigh-full of content including the stellar TLC PPV and a Tribute to the Troops within their regularly scheduled programming. We saw the returns of people like Ric […]

  9. BWF Radio Episode 52

    This week on BWF Radio, an update on the Chris Jericho interview, a preview of next week’s BWF Awards, and much more!  We look at RAW, SmackDown, Impact, and other pro wrestling television.  We talk Jeff Hardy on Ink Masters, and what his inner thoughts would have consisted of if they were aired on the […]

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