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  1. WWE RAW 1/13/14

    While we wait impatiently for the launch of the WWE Network, we have to get through 7 more Monday Night RAWs, including this one and the one on February 24th.  Roddy Piper tweeted out some cryptic messages regarding tonight’s RAW, so let’s see if anything comes of that.  Let’s go! Blah blah blah you know […]

  2. WWE RAW 12/16/13

    Slammy Award Winner for Crowd of the Year, and now BWF Award winner for Wrestling’s Greatest Moment of the year, I, ThinkSoJoE, am here to guide you through the dark times and in to the light, my friends!  Last night at TLC, in what was more of a gay porn than an actual match, Randall […]

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