1. The 2008 Summer Olympics began earlier today and are going on as we speak – but nobody cares about that, it’s Friday night, it’s 8PM, it’s time for SmackDown!  You guys know the drill by now, so here we go!

    Tazz is filling in for Mick Foley

    Natalya, Maryse, and Victoria def. Maria, Michelle McCool, and Cherry via submission.

    Backstage, Bam Neely is found unconscious with a black rose on him.

    Hawkins and Ryder def. Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore by pinfall.

    MVP announces that he’ll be wrestling Jeff Hardy at SummerSlam.

    Jeff Hardy def. Shelton Benjamin via disqualification.

    The Great Khali left Triple H lying in the ring via the vice grip.

    Curt Hawkins is found unconscious with a black rose on top of him.  Apparently Ryder was found with one earlier too.

    Vladimir Kozlov def. Jesse via pinfall.

    The Brian Kendrick def. Super Crazy via pinfall.

    Edge takes out Chavo with a Con-chair-to, and tells Vickie that he’s taking her to hell with him.

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  2. For the last several weeks, TNA iMPACT has been one of the most entertaining wrestling shows.  Last night’s iMPACT was a big one, and almost had a pay-per-view like feel to it, just three days before Hard Justice.  All of the matches for this Sunday’s PPV were showcased, some intertwining with each other, and there were a lot of crazy parts to the show, and some sick bumps being taken, including one that left the canvas soaked in the blood of Kurt Angle.

    Full results after the jump! (more…)

  3. ECW is getting back on track.  The WWE knows what works and what doesn’t, and they’re straying away from the boring stuff that they had done for a couple of weeks post-draft.

    Last night’s episode featured a live edition of The Dirt Sheet, a tag match featuring Ricky Ortiz and Evan Bourne taking on Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely, and Armando Estrada getting his last chance to earn an ECW contract, taking on Tommy Dreamer.

    Results and analysis, after the jump! (more…)

  4. Well, we reported a couple of days ago that Ric Flair appearances in Southern Ontario were postponed.  Guess we can go ahead and change that to “canceled,” as Ric Flair has parted ways with World Wrestling Entertainment.

    From WWE.com:

    “WWE and Hall of Famer Ric Flair have mutually agreed to contractually part ways. After an extraordinary career Ric has chosen to pursue opportunities outside of WWE.”

    Reports are saying that Ric left the company on good terms, but wasn’t thrilled with his schedule as WWE ambassador.

  5. Hooray, I finally get to watch a WWE show in HD!  Damned Time Warner Cable.  Anyways, same format as SmackDown usually is – quick results on the home page, full details after the jump…

    JBL, Kane, Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes def. Batista, John Cena, & Cryme Tyme

    The Great Khali def. Jimmy Wang Yang

    Edge def. Jeff Hardy after interference from MVP.

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  6. Hello, folks, and welcome to SmackDown in real-time!  As has become BWF Friday Night tradition, we’ll be posting quick results up here on the main page, with detailed results after the jump!

    MVP def. Jimmy Wang Yang
    After the match, Jeff Hardy hit MVP with a Twist of Fate

    Mr. Kennedy def. Shelton Benjamin in a non-title match.

    The Brian Kendrick def. Stevie Richards.

    The Great Khali def. Jeff Hardy

    Maria def. Victoria

    Big Show def. Domino

    Edge attacks Cutting Edge guest Mick Foley.


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