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  1. Original Stampede Wrestling Invades Taco or No Taco

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    On December 23rd, 2013, I had the humble opportunity to attend a Pop-Up Taqueria event described as an evening of “TACOS, BEER, BOURBON, HIP HOP, & LIVE LUCHADOR WRESTLING”. It was a collaborative effort between Original Stampede Wrestling and Taco or No Taco. DJ Tokyo was booked to kick out some old school funk and hip hop. When Doc Knight of OSW offered to get me into this completely sold out event, I booked off my night job because Christmas had just come early.


  2. Smackdown 12/20/13


    “It wasn’t supposed to be like this, Bryan! We could have been friends!” Crab Walk…. That was creepy. And so it begins… Mayor McCheese holds all of the titles with a side of french fries. When I last saw him, he only still had the soda, Mr. White. (P.S. Mr. Pink survived. Deal with it).

    Oh yeah, wrestling is on.

    Hopping time…


  3. Two Man Reviews: Stampede Wrestling

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    Our Celebration of Professional Wrestling continues!Logo

    Earlier this year over at Wonderpod-Online, Bruce McGee and PatMan created a new theme of podcast for our site. PatMan and I decided to continue the series with a conversation reminiscing about our experience growing up in Calgary, the “Hart”land of the Stampede Wrestling promotion. What a perfect way for two old smarks to contribute to the ongoing festivities and celebration of professional wrestling going on at Wonderpod-Online and the Bored Wrestling Fan?

  4. Seat Filler Diary 2: RAW 10/18/10


    Well folks, it’s Monday Night RAW in Calgary! And once again, I reprised my role as a “seat filler” to ensure that the on air product appears to be full and energized (or at least what you good people saw on television). We’ll see if I can hack a wifi connection and get this up tonight. I won’t be recapping everything, just pointing out some stuff I saw that you at home did not.