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  1. PatMan Picks Stampede Classics. “Magnificent” Don Muraco & The British Bulldogs 3 Man Team!

    Welcome to another episode of Stampede Wrestlings classic moments. This time around I bring you the Magnificent Don Muraco, who had only recently left the WWF and ventured to Calgary. The” Magnificent One” would find great success in the Stampede promotion. He won the Heavyweight Championship by defeating Mike Shaw( Bastian Booger, Norman The Lunatic) in late 1988. He would defend that title against all comers […]

  2. PatMan Picks Stampede Classics. Halloween special. Brian Pillman vs. Jason The Terrible !

    Welcome back to another trip down Stampede Wrestling’ memory lane. This week I have a match specially picked out for Halloween viewing! First up its a young “Flying Brian Pillman”, who at this point in his career had only recently started training in the famous “dungeon” of the Hart family. Pillman would, of course, go on to […]

  3. PatMan Picks Stampede Classics.First Televised Ladder Match? Bad News Brown vs Bret Hart.

    Welcome back to another Stampede Wrestling classic encounter as we once again travel back in the pro wrestling time machine and return to Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This time around I have discovered what could very well be the first ever televised ladder match. The ladder match is of course a very popular event made very famous in […]

  4. PatMan Picks Stampede Wrestling Classics. Bill Kazmaier vs Ted Arcidi .Powerlifting Competition!

    Welcome to another episode of classic wrestling, Stampede Style! This time around I am featuring something a little different than my usual old school wrestling matches. Don’t worry, all the dungeon trained future super stars and Stampede alumni will return to wrestle it out for our enjoyment next time. Today, I am featuring a “strong […]

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