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  1. Mat Musings

    “Mat Musings” was a column idea I came up with a long, long time ago which basically involved me waxing lyrical about a bunch of subjects/news stories currently ripe within the pro wrestling world. Basically, we take a headline and then yours truly gives his take on that particular topic. It’s simple but really seems […]

  2. Drowgoddess’ Take On John Cena

    This is simply an extended reponse to my previous column dealing with the wide-open subject of John Cena. “Bored Wrestling Fans” very own Jana always provides a good read and I thought that her opinions were so great that it’d be a shame not to share them with the rest of you! Couldn’t fit THIS […]

  3. John Cena

    John Cena is splashed across the cover-page of the popular, UK-based wrestling publication “Fighting Spirit Magazine” this month, complete with a caption reading “Have We Cena ‘Nuff?”. FSM, as it’s more commonly known, is perhaps the biggest selling wrestling magazine in Britain and covers the local scene extensively, whilst also detailing the latest goings on […]

  4. Coming Down The Aisle..

    Ladies and gentle/wild-men of the “Bored Wrestling Fan” community, welcome to my very first article here in the land of the strange, crazy and indeed wacky. Please let me begin this by stating how awesome it is to be here and how sweet it really is to be back writing about professional wrestling again! Oh […]

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