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  1. MPX 1-12-13-When Haiden Met Brown

    It is a new year in the wrestling world. After a week that goes so beyond killer it should be called “zombie,” I needed two things: I went to an SMU basketball game and see Larry Brown coach & I went to my local indy to see my wrestling. It was cold & rainy, but […]

  2. MPX-A Star is Born 9-22-2012

    Well, I’m in Day 5 of no caffeine, and I warned everyone about it. So if Old Cranky White Man comes out here, I apologize. Dark match: Dax Daring vs. Steven Kirby I was a little confused at first. Who was I supposed to go for? When I say “A Star is Born” I think […]

  3. MPX Back to School-August 18, 2012

    MPX’s Back to School is in the books. (See what I did there?) Thanks to the characteristic awful traffic, epically torrential weather and WTF side-road configuration, I ended up getting there late and halfway into the dark match. So sorry to Tad Wylde & Kros/City for missing it. It took me a while to sit […]

  4. MPX-Indeed 5/26/12

    I still remember when I decided I wanted to support indy wrestling and sent a message to my buddy and told me about this new place he had started working. I remember how small and “work-in-progress” this company was. But they concentrated on their strengths: great characters and storylines that kept you coming back. Tonight […]

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