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  1. Broken Pencils #2 (x-post).

    Broken Pencils Episode 2 Well after a long wait due to various trips, excursions and umm…jaunts, episode 2 of my Audio Wrestling Sitcom Podcast Radio Play Thingy (that’s the technical term) Broken Pencils is here for your enjoyment. It’s a wonderful process making these podcasts. The fact that I can write it, record it and […]

  2. Original Stampede Wrestling – “Return of the Ring” Fundraiser

    This summer, Bored Wrestling Fan had the opportunity to discuss the return of a Calgary, and international, professional wrestling staple, Stampede Wrestling. On a stormy August afternoon, Doc Knight and Bruce Hart spent time with ThinkSoJoE and G explaining the vision and mission of the newly dubbed, “Original Stampede Wrestling” (OSW). This is the real […]

  3. Wrestling Classics: Gene Kiniski’s Final Match feat. Chris Jericho and Lance Storm: 20 Years Today

    Twenty years ago today, on February 25th, 1992, Gene Kiniski’s final appearance in the ring occurred in Winnipeg, Canada for the West Four Wrestling Alliance (WFWA) promotion. Kiniski would perform in four matches on the card. The fourth, and final bout, was a three man tag team match with Kiniski’s partners being a young Chris […]

  4. G’s Stampede Wrestling “Classic”

    I don’t know if six years ago constitutes a “classic,” per say. However, with the Superbowl being a week prior, it occurred to me that there has been an off-and-on again revival of Stampede Wrestling. Today’s match took place on September 15, 2006 during the half time CFL matchup between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and […]

  5. PatMan Picks Stampede Classics. “Magnificent” Don Muraco & The British Bulldogs 3 Man Team!

    Welcome to another episode of Stampede Wrestlings classic moments. This time around I bring you the Magnificent Don Muraco, who had only recently left the WWF and ventured to Calgary. The” Magnificent One” would find great success in the Stampede promotion. He won the Heavyweight Championship by defeating Mike Shaw( Bastian Booger, Norman The Lunatic) in late 1988. He would defend that title against all comers […]

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