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  1. PatMan Picks Stampede Wrestling Classics. Bill Kazmaier vs Ted Arcidi .Powerlifting Competition!

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    Welcome to another episode of classic wrestling, Stampede Style! This time around I am featuring something a little different than my usual old school wrestling matches. Don’t worry, all the dungeon trained future super stars and Stampede alumni will return to wrestle it out for our enjoyment next time. Today, I am featuring a “strong man” competition, or powerlifting showcase if you prefer from 2 of Stampede Wrestlings most powerful men. Hell 2 of the WORLDS most power full men at the time. Legitimate “Worlds Strongest Man” winner ¬†Bill Kazmaier “mans up” against former power lifting champion Ted Arcidi. With new and younger powerlifters and strong men entering the scene, the decision for both men to become pro wrestlers was a complete no brainer and coincidentally both men found them selves in the Calgary promotion at the same time. Of course this was a great chance for Stu Hart to promote big matches between these massive muscle men in the future. Sure, these guys could not actually wrestle very well. However unlike the smaller guys in Stampede, they didn’t have to know all the wrestling holds and moves to be noticed, they just had to be in the ring beating the crap out of people. Because of their fame as strong men and their intimidating size, they automatically gained all the attention they needed to get a good days pay. lets watch the “Competition” unfold and of course because this is taking place in a Stampeded Wrestling ring, you can rest assured that things wont exactly go smoothly! Worth noting is the actions by Ted Arcidi later in the competition that, of course, sets up a big feud between 2 of Stampede Wrestlings strongest men to ever step into the ring.


    [youtube tIRPCtu5ioE]