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  1. Pre 2-21-11 thoughts.


    I love my new Android phone.  It plays songs for me that I may have otherwise forgotten about via Pandora.  I can listen to my beloved Buffalo Sabres play via the WGR radio app.  I can waste the day away launching birds at pigs.  But today is the day I truly fell in love with this phone, for you see, I’m able to post to Bored Wrestling Fan any time, any place via the WordPress app.

    Shilling for Google aside, today’s the day we’ve been waiting for with baited breath – 2-21-11.

    While it’s pretty much a given at this point that it’s The Undertaker, I’m hoping the WWE will somehow still surprise us.  As much as I love Undertaker, let’s face it. The guy has been in WWE for 23 years now and it feels like he’s had 46 returns.  You want to bring the phenom back, just have him show up.  It works for him.

    WWE had great buzz going with these promos.  Too bad they’re not for somebody just coming into the WWE.

    Surprise me.  That’s all I ask.