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  1. Power Poll 7/7/10 – All American Dream

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    Hooray for me actually participating this week – it gives me the right to comment on everything myself!  Here goes!

    1. Sheamus (Last week: 1)

    On our facebook page earlier this week, I posted that only one of the three World Champions made my list this week – and this is the guy.  I voted Sheamus number two after a few great promos on RAW.

    2. John Cena (7)

    Another guy that wasn’t bad on the mic this week is John Cena.  I actually missed the end of RAW, and that could contribute to why Cena didn’t make my personal list this week.

    3. Randy Orton (6)

    The Viper did make my ballot this week – I actually picked him sixth.  An impressive showing in the tag match on RAW and a post match RKO on Evan Bourne helped Orton in this week’s poll.

    4. Rey Mysterio (4)

    I didn’t pick Mysterio at all – He’s just another victim of…

    5. Jack Swagger (NR)

    The All American American Jack Swagger.  I’ve been so impressed with Swagger the last couple of weeks that I actually picked him number one this week on my ballot.  It wasn’t enough to put the former World Heavyweight Champion past number 5 on the Power Poll this week, however.

    6. Abyss (5)

    I didn’t vote for Abyss, but I did like the way he handled doing the crazy gimmick on iMPACT this week.  The board with the nails in it may be good for chasing away aliens on “The Simpsons,” but it couldn’t stop Jeff Hardy.

    7. Evan Bourne (NR)

    The high flying Evan Bourne somehow managed to slip under my radar this week, as he wasn’t on my ballot.  All the credit in the world to this kid, he’s been a thorn in Chris Jericho’s side for the last month or so, and is definitely the guy most people, myself included, are looking forward to watching in RAW’s Money In The Bank ladder match.

    8. Kurt Angle (2)

    Angle got enough votes to stay on the Power Poll this week?  A promo with The Pope didn’t do it for me, but apparently it worked for some of the voters.

    9. Jay Lethal (9)

    Lethal has impressed lately, getting a push in the Hogan/Bischoff era of TNA.  A win, albeit tainted, over Matt Morgan this week had me pick Lethal 5th on my list, and let him hang on to #9 overall.

    10. Jeff Hardy (NR)

    The victory over Abyss on iMPACT must have garnered Hardy enough attention from my fellow pollsters to get him into the top 10.  Hardy was impressive in the win, I must admit, but I didn’t vote for him.

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