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  1. ROH 3/30/13 Edition

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    Here’s the results from this weeks Ring of Honor Episode featuring ROH vs. S.C.U.M.

    We begin with a recap of last week’s S.C.U.M.’s challenge to ROH.

    Kevin Steen comes out and is about to talk and is interrupted by Jay Briscoe who says that Steen is a bitch and he will beat him for the ROH World title.  Steen is about to respond but is interrupted by Steve Corino who talks trash to Jay.  Finally Steen is allowed to talk and when he does he says that he is proud to be ROH Champion and he will be even prouder when he beats both Briscoe Brothers for the title and tells Jay “we’ll see who the bitch is, Bitch” and the leaves the ring.  Corino then trash talks Jay some more until Jay pulls out a weapon he has hidden in his sling and is about to attack Corino with it until S.C.U.M. and ROH members come out, start brawling which leads us to our first match of the night:

    Match 1: Rhett Titus & Cliff Compton Def. Coleman & Alexander with help from S.C.U.M. members Jimmy Rave and Jimmy Jacobs.

    Match 2: Jimmy Jacobs def Mikey Mondo- Jacobs used held onto the ropes to get the win.

    This week we got no Inside ROH but Inside S.C.U.M. where Steve Corino briefly described all the new members of the group and explains how they were all screwed by ROH.  We then got to Steen who is about to talk about his title match with Jay Briacoe but is cut off again by Corino who is yelling at production for playing the wrong interview ending the segment.

    Match 3: Steve Corino, Matt Hardy & Rhino def. Michael Elgin, Jay Lethal and BJ Whitmer-  Early on Corino offers Lethal a sopt in S.C.U.M. in which Lethal refuses and blows his nose on a S.C.U.M. shirt.  The match ends here with the rest of S.C.U.M. coming out handcuffing Elgin & Lethal to the ropes allowing a 3 on 1 attack of Whitmer in which Matt Hardy pinning him after a Twist Of Fate.

    Post match Jay Briscoe comes out and says S.C.U.M. dies at Supercard of Honor 7 as he, Elgin Lethal and Whitmer all stand in the ring.

    Then we get a Supercard Of Honor rundown (it’s April 5 on ippv) and we fade to black.