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    Well since this will be the final Random Randomness of 2011, I figured I’d end it off with a stunner er I mean bang.  This week I’m gonna do something I’ve always wanted to do and take a look at some of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s movie and tell you whether you should watch them or not.  Now, I’m only gonna focus one the ones that he was the major star in, so I don’t want to hear any complaining that I left out “The Expendables” or any other movie that he was a co star in.  Since there is one or two out there I haven’t seen yet, I won’t be talking about those either. So without further ado, lets get this show on the road:

    1.  The Condemned (2007)-  His “first” starring role, he plays a convict who is forced to fight other convicts to death as part of an illegal game broadcast to the public.  We all mostly know this one since it’s a WWE Films product that was crammed down out throats until it tanked at the box office.  And hey I don’t blame it I payed to see it in the theater and was throughly disappointed with it.  It kept having that feeling that it was missing something.  Well my opinion is that if you haven’t seen it, don’t waste your time, it’s not even on netflix and I don’t recommend paying money for it.

    2.  Damage (2009)- He plays a prisoner just released from prison who ends up working in the illegal underground fighting world fighting MMA style in order to help the daughter of the person he killed in self-defense.  This isn’t a WWE Films release and was straight to DVD.  I actually liked this movie and is probably the best of all that I’ve seen, so check it out if you can.  I found it in the $5 DVD section at Walmart.

    3.  Knockout (2011)- He plays a janitor (who was a former boxer) in a high school who stands up for a new kid who gets bullied but the “popular kid who is the school star athlete” type.  The kid tries out for the boxing team which ironically the bully is also on, is unsuccessful, Austin trains him on his own, he challenges the bully to a match where if he wins he’s on the team, bully wins but shows respect to the kid, they shake hands, kid makes team anyway, we all live happily ever after the end.  Yeah this movie was pretty predictable, I almost shut it off several times.  This isn’t a WWE Films release, but it should since it fits their anti bullying campaign.  I don’t recommend this movie hence why I told you the whole plot.  But if you must netflix it.

    4.  Hunt To Kill (2010)-  Here Austin plays a Border Patrol Officer who gets kidnapped, along with his daughter, by a bunch of thieves and is made to go after another thief who betrayed them and is in the woods.  Yeah I know the plot sounds kinda confusing, but trust me it isn’t.  This one was really good in my opinion and probably the most action packed of all the films on here so I suggest you check this one out.  It is available on DVD and netflix you can find it in both places.

    5.  The Stranger (2010)-  In this film, Austin plays a man who has lost his memory.  He spends the whole film trying to remember who he is and how he got to where he was.  What is it?  Well you just have to watch it to find out.  Not a bad film in my opinion and worth a viewing or two if you can find it.  I found it in the $7.50 section but if you wait a few weeks it’ll probably be in the $5 section soon enough.

    Well I guess 3 good ones out of 5 isn’t bad .  Well that’s all I’ve got for this week, thanks for reading and see you all next time.  Have a safe and Happy holiday season.