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  1. BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 106

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    Jorge returns and… the show goes less than two hours?!?  Yes folks, Joe, JT, G, Jorge, and Mark return to tell you all about the wonderful week that was in professional wrestling, including RAW, IMPACT, and SmackDown reviews and all the latest professional wrestling news.  Will Brock Lesnar return for one more UFC fight?  Cowboy James Storm talks about Wildcat Chris Harris’ run in WWE as Braden Walker.  Mark Henry talks about Kizarny – the gimmick, anyway.  Samoa Joe may or may not be welcome back to ROH if he chose to return.  Ricardo Rodriguez is the new Heath Slater?  All this, and much more on BWF Radio Episode 106!

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 106 (MP3, 1:57:42)

    This week’s break song was “Somber” by Jeff Burgess, which, as usual when Mark picks the song, I can’t find a link to buy.

  2. This show used to be good – ECW 7/8/08


    ECW used to be the best show of the week, every week.  Now, I barely feel like reviewing it.  I’m not going extremely in depth this week, but here are the things that bug me:  Finlay and Hornswoggle apparently getting another tag title shot; guys changing their names after their debut (Atlas Ortiz is now Ricky Ortiz), and Hall of Famers making heel turns on C shows.

    Whatever – the review, after the jump.