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  1. Breaking records – again!

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    Before today’s WrestleMania post (which will be from yours truly and posted later on), I wanted to take a minute to swing by and make it official – BoredWrestlingFan.com readership has jumped up another 207 views in the month of March with no signs of slowing down.  You may recall that last month we finished with 947 page views.  This month, we’re up to 1154!  So to all of those who have visited BoredWrestlingFan, thank you for your support and we hope you’ll keep visiting us!

    As a side note, our Alexa rank (which ranks the most popular websites) is currently 14,278,179, which doesn’t sound very impressive, until you figure in the fact that we’ve passed 11,642,053 other websites over the last three months.  Eleven million down, fourteen million to go!