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  1. The War on… 2009

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    Welcome to the War for another week.

    There is no column for week, so this is the last time you will hear from me in 2009.

    This piece would be a.. best of, so to speak. A year in review, if you will. However, with my new year’s plans, becoming reality in… 11 hours from now, and with preparation and packing underway as I type, I just don’t have the time, to write a massive piece.

    However, and this I promise, the first column, typed from my fingers, thought of from my mind, will be right here, at BoredWrestlingFan.com, that I will guarantee.

    Now, I leave you with the thought, that if Brett Favre didn’t exist. I would be odds-on to win my NFL Fantasy League. However, I’m now playing for third place.

    Peace out my peeps, see you in 2010.

  2. The War On Everything part One

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    Welcome to the War for another week ..

    Before I begin this week, it seems that other columns on this site are getting rave reviews. Drow wrote a piece on the Casual vs Core wrestling fan, and JT’s Randomness always gets the people talking. Yet, nobody talks about this little piece unless I mention Brett Favre. Now I have, you watch them start talking about the new Viking. Speaking of Vikings, when’s Erik getting a start, or won’t Susan Sarandon let him?

    Speaking of Brett, I am now turned off of SportsCenter’s NFL coverage because of everyone’s man-crush for #4. Hey ESPN, he isn’t that good. Green Bay won’t retire his number because he retires, and then magically comes back every year. He doesn’t do training camp, he doesn’t do any training, and yet everyone comes out and says ‘Oh, he’ll save the Minnesota Vikings, they’re now a superbowl team’.

    First off, I am a better QB than Tavaris Jackson. Secondly, how does poor Sage Rosenfels feel now? He was traded from Houston, after being back-up to Matt Schaub, to Minnesota, in hopes of a starting spot, and yet, it looks like there’d be more of a chance he’d get a starting spot at the Texans, rather than where he is now, due to the Vikings’ obsession with someone whose five years away from adult diapers. Hagar the Horrible has resorted to alcohol, because he is angry, due toVikings signing Favre.

    Not even Asterix can help us against Brett Favre. Or Lorne Greene.

    You wanna know what Hulk Hogan’s doing these days? He’s supporting a fellow has been as this picture shows.

    Although we all know why Brett went to Minnesota, don’t we?

    Finally, I’ll tell you how good Favre is. Two years ago, I won a Fantasy NFL league at Yahoo! I drafted Favre after week 8, when I was 2-6. I won the next nine games, but I had to replace Favre, with Kurt Warner, due to Brett being rubbish. Warner led me through the playoffs, and the championship, whilst Mr. 38 year old at the time, sat on the bench.

    This is the end of Part One, I must calm down. Favre-rage is flowing in my veins.

  3. The War On Everything

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    Welcome to the War for another week.

    Fresh off my coverage of the 22nd SummerSlam, I’ve saved this time to recap the event.

    The PPV as a whole was between average and good. I enjoyed what I saw of the first match between Mysterio and Ziggler, and all bar the ending of the TLC match for the World Heavyweight Championship, but other than that, I personally wasnt excited, even with the 16th return of D-Generation X.

    I made up for the average 2009 version, by watching the 1998 edition of SummerSlam. Watching Jeff Jarrett get his hair cut by X-Pac and one-night only DX member, Howard Finkel, to Mankind defending the Tag Team titles unsuccessfully by himself against the New Age Outlaws to the Ladder match between Triple H and the Rock, and Stone Cold defeating the Undertaker for the WWF Championship.

    Speaking of the WWE, I have decided to boycott all WWE programming until furhter notice, due to the sheer rubbish that it brings up every week. I will determine a return time in the future, but until then, I will not watch RAW, ECW or SmackDown!

    Moving to the other side of the tracks so to speak, and this week on TNA’s iMPACT broadcast, history will be made. TNA President, Dixie Carter, will make her first appearance on the broadcast, and will make an announcement involving Bobby Lashley. Looks like another interesting iMPACT on the way (even though I already know what happens, thanks to the creator of these here parts).

    Moving into the sporting world now, and former New York Giants Wide receiver Plaxico Burress was sentenced to two years prison for shooting himself pretty much. There goes him signing for the Eagles this year.

    Brett Favre flunked in his first pre-season game wearing the Purple of the Minnesota Vikings. He went 1-4 with just 4 yards, in 2 sets of plays. First, the now fourth-string QB, John David Booty, gives his #4 to Favre, then Favre has 4 pass attempts, and gets 4 yards. I sense a pattern. The weird thing about all this? Brett Favre’s favourite number is 7.

    For those who haven’t heard of Caster Semenya, well arent you in for a surprise. Semanya, won the Women’s 800m race at the IAAF Athletics Championships recently. However, she could be stripped of the Gold medal, as officals aren’t sure if 18 year old is infact, a female. Here’s a picture of her. I’ll let the BWF readers decide for themselves. Here’s more information on the story. If you still aren’t unsure, if you unjumble the letters of her full name ‘Caster Semenya’ you get ‘Yes, A secret man’. I think we just found JT’s latest girl.

    RIP Sen. Ted Kennedy. He passed away Tuesday after a long battle with Brain cancer.

    I’m looking to picking up the new Rise and Fall of WCW dvd. I hear good things.

    That’s all for the War for another week. It looks like I’m recapping ECW again this week, as well as SmackDown! from last week. Unless of course, someone else picks up the slack. If they don’t, then they’ll be there by the end of the week.

    Stay tuned to BWF throughout the week for your wrestling fix.

  4. The War On Everything


    Welcome to the war for another week.

    Rather than begin with the usual, I have to start with the NFL. It seems that everyone can come back from retirement/jail. Michael Vick signed a two-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles, after spending 21 months on the inside for dog fighting. Brett Favre has come back from retirement for the second time, this time joining the Minnesota Vikings on a two-year deal, making the off-season trade for Sage Rosenfels pretty much useless. Donovan McNabb suggested that Plaxico Burress ‘wouldn’t hurt’ in an Eagles uniform. Here’s the quote from McNabb at ESPN.com

    “I don’t think he would hurt,” McNabb said. “We have some great guys here at our receiver position. But, whatever you can do to enhance the team, you would look into it.”

    According to what I’m reading, the Eagles suddenly want to become the new Cincinnati Bengals of the league. However, it will be interesting as to how the Eagles accommodate Vick into their offence. Whether, it’s as a back-up QB, or as part of some sort of Wildcat offence, if Vick is anything like he was back in the days under centre for my Atlanta Falcons, then Philly fans will have a good season to look forward to. Either that, if Vick is a flop, then play the Baha Men during each game.

    Speaking of returning Quarterbacks, as I mentioned earlier, Brett Favre has return to the NFL, with the Minnesota Vikings, after not being able to play for them last year, due to the Packers trade stipulations. It seems that last year’s season with the New York Jets was just filler. With Favre, Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson all capable of playing in the QB slot, who gets the job? The easy pick is Favre, but how much would that deflate the confidence of the other two? Here it is, pre-season and you have two QB’s vying for one starting job, when low and behold, here comes the supposed savior of the franchise. The man who’s going to bring them success. Surely that doesn’t to the confidence of the others any good? It wouldn’t matter if some players on the team want him there, the Vikings are going to be in turmoil the whole year, regardless of how successful they are on the field.

    In wrestling news, TNA and Spike TV have agreed to a new three-year extension to their deal. This is great news for TNA President Dixie Carter and the rest of their crew, as they will have a permanent option for iMPACT. Along with their weekly show, TNA will also provide a series of one-hour specials featuring the biggest personalities, plus some of the greatest and most awe-inspiring matches in the history of the company. I thought they had a show for that? It was called TNA Epics.

    TNA Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle was arrested this past week for stalking TNA KnockOut, and girlfriend of Angle, Trenesh Biggers aka Rhaka Khan outside a Starbucks. Police also charged Angle with harassment, possession of the Human Growth Hormone Hygetropin, and a syringe which he used to insert the substance. Angle claims he has a doctor’s prescription for the HGH. Also, adding to all this, he was driving with a suspended license, from a previous drink-driving charge.

    My question is, why wasn’t Kurt Angle punished for any of this? Even worse, he was rewarded, when he retained the Championship against Sting and Matt Morgan at the recent PPV entitled ‘Hard Justice‘. TNA need to strip him of the belt, and suspend him indefinitely until this whole thing gets put to bed. How flattering does it sound, to hear that your company’s World Champion, has been arrested and charged with what I mentioned previously? Kurt Angle is not a God-like figure, even though TNA thinks he is.

    At this time, the preliminary hearing against Angle was set for Tuesday, although no details have been released.

    Although Angle’s title win at Hard Justice wasn’t the only title defended at the event, the big news coming out of it, is that the Main Event Mafia, now hold the Tag Team, X-Division, Legends and World Championship. This is very significant in terms of power and control as it regards to the locker room, and with an announcement from ‘the Pheonomenal’ AJ Styles scheduled for this week’s iMPACT. Things could finally be turning in the right direction, that is, unless the Angle mess doesn’t get cleaned up quickly, but most importantly, the right way.

    If the rumours are correct, and that AJ’s announcement this week will be about his retirement, then it would be a massive blow to TNA. AJ is a talent inside the ring, and one of the few originals remaining. Plus with Sting’s expected retirement at the Bound For Glory PPV later this year. TNA could lose to of its biggest names within three months of each other.

    In WWE news now, and the annual SummerSlam PPV is this Sunday night, or Monday morning for the likes of me living in the Land Down Under. The double main event sees WWE Champion Randy orton take on John Cena, and a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for the World Heavyweight Championship, between the Champion Jeff Hardy, and the challenger, CM Punk. Although, that isnt the news exciting the young fans around the world. The fifteenth re-incarnation of D-Generation X will appear, as Triple H and Shawn Michaels return together again, to take on Ted DiBiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes. I must admit, I was a massive fan of DX, this DX, and this DX. Not the current form. I know it’s never going to happen, but how big of a boost would it be for Legacy to get the victory in this one?

    Anyway, that’d just about do it for this week. I think i’ve done enough rambling for one week. Tune in to BoredWrestlingFan.com throughout the week for various columns and show reviews. Don’t forget to check my WWE Vintage Collection reviews at WorldWrestlingInsanity.com. Also, you can find me trolling through the forums at either of the two places I mentioned. I know, I know, I’m in a few places, but hey, they’re good places to be. Go check them out some time. Who knows, you might just feel a little stiff, at what they provide.