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  1. Smackdown: 02/03/12. Yes, Natalya Has a Farting Gimmick Now…


    Last weekend was a whirlwind of activity for this G guy. With the Royal Rumble being the highlight, or so I thought, to cap off a content filled Saturday and Sunday, expectations were high. Did the Rumble deliver? Hrmmm… not so much, but I’ll get to that this week with the BWF Radio Crew on Sunday. Until then, let’s see how the outcome of the PPV affected Smackdown this week, shall we?

    I’ll even throw in the Power Poll just for fun. If anyone reading this wants to participate and write for the BWF and/or WPO, this democratic multi-site ranking position is currently available. Toss a message in the comments if you are interested.

    And even though it was kind of a depressing Rumble, we did get this.