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  1. RAW Bullet-Points 4/27/09


    Yes folks, the format from last week’s RAW is back! I liked the way last week’s turned out, even if it was a lot more work than normal, so we’re going with it again. Randy Orton is the WWE Champion after last night’s Backlash event, and Triple H was sent to the hospital, so tonight I suppose we’ll find out who’s going to step up to challenge the Legend Killer (not our Legend Killer, the WWE’s version) for his title.


  2. RAW Bullet-points 4/20/09


    Rather than do a full blown RAW review tonight or skip the thing entirely, I’m here to do a “bullet-points” edition of the RAW review!  Basically, it’s a condensed version of what you usually get from me on Monday nights Tuesday Mornings, and I hope you all enjoy it!

    • RAW still wants to be loved, even after Papa Roach has released another album.  From what JT tells me, it’s pretty good.
    • Triple H takes on Orton later tonight as RAW emanates from the UK
    • SmackDown’s Chris Jericho kicks things off tonight.
      • He says he’s done with RAW.
      • Ricky Steamboat interrupts.
      • Steamboat thanks Jericho for bringing back his passion to perform.
      • Jericho challenges Steamboat to a match at Backlash.
      • John Cena interrupts.
      • Jericho tells Cena that his last act on RAW is to walk out on him.
      • Steamboat accepts Jericho’s challenge for Backlash
      • Cena tells Jericho that Vickie Guerrero is not here tonight, but she said Edge isn’t competing tonight, but Cena has to. Jericho’s last act on RAW is a match with Cena tonight.
    • Rey Mysterio takes on The Big Show later tonight.
    • Chavo Guerrero is officially a member of the RAW roster.
      • He can push around anybody on the RAW roster
      • Batista’s music hits, and the Animal hits the ring
      • Batista beats Chavo in mere seconds
      • Chavo apologizes to Vickie, saying he wasn’t ready
      • Batista returns and drops Chavo with a second Batista Bomb
    • Shane McMahon meets up with Batista backstage
      • They agree to be on the same page at Backlash and apologize for attacking each other last week.
    • Kane vs. CM Punk
      • Both of these guys are on SmackDown now.
      • Apparently the draft “takes full effect” next week after Backlash
      • Punk picks up the win with a rollup
      • Last week, he lost his match to The Great Khali, so now his poor sister has to kiss Khali
      • Some people think that he and his sister are the same person, he’s going to prove them wrong.
      • Santina’s music is a remix of Billy and Chuck’s old theme
      • She can’t kiss Khali because of a blister on her lip. She’s in Italy and joining us by satellite
      • She starts to explain that she won’t be able to make SmackDown this Friday, then mysteriously speeds up her speech, which Santino explains as her drinking too much Red Bull
      • Santino wrote a poem about the family
      • Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendez inturrupt
      • She’s sorry to hear about Santina’s sister
      • Santina will be able to kiss Khali at Backlash
      • Santina starts to sing on the titan tron, but Santino cuts her off
      • Santino tells Beth she’d better pray she wins back the Women’s Championship tonight, because she’ll never be Miss WrestleMania
    • SmackDown’s WWE Women’s Champion, Melina is here to defend against Beth Phoenix
    • Melina vs. Beth Phoenix (WWE Women’s Championship)
      • If Beth wins this match, RAW will have both World Championships and both Women’s Championships
      • Beth utilizes some Awesome Kong like moves in this match
      • Melina hits a Sunset Flip Powerbomb combo for the victory
    • Shane McMahon wishes Triple H good luck tonight
      • Shane reminds Triple H that if their team gets disqualified at Backlash, Orton wins the title
    • John Cena vs. Chris Jericho
      • “Y2J” chants fill the arena
      • The crowd seems to be behind Jericho, but all yelled “You can’t see me” for the Five Knuckle Shuffle
      • Jerry Lawler trash talks Fozzy, saying that the crowds booed so loud that Jericho couldn’t hear himself suck. Apparently he confused Jericho with Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger
      • Jericho escapes the Attitude Adjuster and drops Cena with the Codebreaker, but Cena kicks out at two
      • Cena catches Jericho out of a second Codebreaker attempt with the Attitude Adjuster, but Jericho kicks out at two.
      • Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho, but Cena counters into the STF. Jericho counters into an eziguri
      • Cena and Jericho battle on the top rope until Edge comes out and shoves them both down
      • Edge spears Cena
      • Edge hits the Con-chair-to on Cena
      • Edge reminds us of the rules to a last man standing match, then counts Cena out, announcing himself as the winner
    • Rey Mysterio vs. The Big Show
      • Big Show catches Mysterio out of a 619, holds him in a sidewalk slam position, and punches him in the head, knocking him out for the victory
    • Ted DiBiase tells Cody Rhodes that it’s not the same being in a group when your leader isn’t a champion
      • Orton says Triple H knows he’s done and that this Sunday Legacy will win
    • Triple H vs. Randy Orton (no disqualification)
      • Lots of weapons used here
      • Triple H focused on Orton’s leg
      • Legacy comes out to save Orton.
      • Shane comes out to help HHH, but Legacy takes control
      • Batista comes out and dominates
      • Batista accidently hits Shane.
      • HHH and Batista clear out the ring.
      • Orton hits the RKO from out of nowhere. 1,2,3, ORTON WINS!!!!!!!!
      • We fade to black as both teams stand face to face. Orton & Legacy on the ramp, HHH, Shane & Batista in the ring.

    Thanks to JT for getting me the highlights of the last match after I left for work!