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  1. The Bryan Danielson Theory


    So, the burning question on the minds of the WWE Universe has to be, “Who is the new anonymous RAW General Manager?”  I think I’ve got the answer.  That answer, my friends, is Bryan Danielson.

    If you think about it, that makes perfect sense.  It subtly answers questions I’ve had about the whole NXT invasion angle and ties up a few loose ends nicely.

    “But, Bryan Danielson is working the indies again” you say.  Remember when Matt Hardy was fired from WWE over the whole Edge and Lita thing?  Matt came back to WWE and they let him promote the ROH show he was still booked for.  During NXT, they promoted the hell out of the fact that Danielson had been an indy wrestling star before coming to WWE.  He gets “fired,” he’s back on the indy scene, and most people take that to mean that he’s really been fired by WWE.

    A few people may have put as much thought into the Bryan Danielson theory as I have and realized that it makes perfect sense.  The biggest clue became obvious to me earlier tonight:  Michael Cole.  A lot of you know that I spend most Monday and Tuesday nights running our twitter account, @BrdWrstlngFn.  Earlier I got to thinking how odd it was that there was a storyline brewing with Michael Cole hating the internet, but now he’s in charge of reading the e-mails from the RAW General Manager.  That’s when it hit me.

    Much was made of the fact that Danielson was an indy star who reached fame on the internet.  Michael Cole used to blast him every week on NXT for it.  Suddenly, Danielson is gone from the company with conflicting reports about why he was fired, Bret Hart conveniently has issues with his insurance company after an angle the following week, then suddenly, there’s an anonymous General Manager who will only communicate with Michael Cole, who supposedly hates the internet, via e-mail.  Running with that idea, don’t you think that if the Nexus wanted to get to Michael Cole, they would have by now?

    Two weeks after Danielson gets “fired,” Mr. McMahon is on RAW, proclaiming that there is a new General Manager, who promptly books Mr. McMahon as an outside official for the main event between John Cena and Sheamus.  The NXT guys run off the participants, and Mr. McMahon announces that he was the one behind the NXT attacks.  The Nexus turn their attention to the Chairman, leading one to believe that there was somebody else behind the attack on Mr. McMahon.  Perhaps as a sign of good faith, Mr. McMahon gave the GM job to Danielson, who used that position to put McMahon in a situation where his associates could attack him, payback for “firing” him from the WWE.

    This is just a hypothesis, an educated guess as to who it could be.  I could be completely wrong, and it’s highly likely that I am, but thinking about it this way gives it a certain air of plausibility, does it not?