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  1. The War On.. Video Game o-Mania Part Deux, And Did I See A RAW Review On This Website?

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    Hello Bored Wrestling Fans! It is I, the one columnist on this site, who doesn’t actually write about wrestling, and had instead to talk about video games. Why? Well, chances are, if you are in fact a Bored Wrestling Fan, you play video games to occupy your time until all your favourite wrestling programmes come on TV. Programmmes like Sunday Night Heat, or that one-time show that USA put on at the end of 1999 called Eve Of Destruction. Anyways, before the video games talk commences, I’d better cue the opening of the show, but before I do that, I need to state the following: The following game reviews contain spoilers. If you don not wish to know what happens in the games reviewed, then don’t read the review. Although, you probably won’t read it anyway, but I’m just saying for the two of you still reading this right now.

    Cue The Opening