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    I hate this.  I didn’t get into writing about wrestling with the intent of having to write tribute articles – not for guys whose matches I was just reviewing 6 months ago, at least.  When Captain Lou died, yes, it was a sad day for me as a fan, but Lou Albano was 76 years old.  Eddie “Umaga” Fatu passed away yesterday at the young age of 36, with reports coming in that he died of a heart attack.

    It was pointed out that WWE’s obituary, or whatever you want to call it, on WWE.com makes sure to note that Umaga was released from his WWE contract on June 11, 2009.  The person who mentioned it was pondering why WWE would point that out.  The reason is simple – WWE doesn’t want to have more heat on them about drug use if Fatu’s death turns out to be drug related.  WWE let Fatu go because he violated the wellness policy a second time and refused rehab.  The company can’t afford bad publicity right now, not with Linda McMahon running for the US Senate.

    ECW is set to be re-branded and re-formatted in the very near future.  The rumor going around is that the veteran ECW wrestlers will be moved to SmackDown and RAW, while whatever ECW becomes will be a showcase for new talent.

    Speaking of which, I went back over the last few days and watched the first three episodes of ECW on SciFi.  Not quite the original ECW, but not nearly what it’s become.  Anybody else find it funny that Mike Knox made his during a segment set to “Buttons” by the Pussycat Dolls?

    I hope TNA can sign RVD.  TNA’s guys can work circles around half of the WWE roster, and RVD can work circles around all of them.  With the Hogan deal, maybe we’ll see The Whole F’N Show become Mr. Thursday Night again.

    Jeff Hardy’s court date has been postponed once again, this time until January.  This means we’re certainly not going to see the Charismatic Enigma any time before the end of the year in any wrestling organization.

    That’s all I’ve really got for the moment.  JT will be here tomorrow with another edition of Random Randomness!