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  1. Find the secret word …

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    Welcome once again to another column, brought to you by Yours Truly. This week, I have hidden a secret word. See, if you can find it.


    The Bash has been and gone. Results have been posted by whomever it was that reviewed it. So there’s no need for me to comment on it.

    However, there was some kind of trade that happened, sending the likes of Matt Sydal and Dusty Rhodes to RAW, William Regal to ECW and the Hart Foundation 3.0 to SmackDown! Will this make any difference to the amount of wrestling on TV? No. Will it make a difference as to how many In Your House Pay-Per-Views I watch on DVD? Oh hell yeah!

    I recently picked up the WWE Encyclopedia. They say it includes everyone, it even has Chris Benoit mentioned with a big picture of him and all. I heard they had to keep him away from the pillows, but at least he’s in there. Matt Morgan, Chris Kanyon, Sean O’Haire and Nathan Jones did not make the book. They all competed in WWE, where is their mentioning? Kanyon won tag team gold, and was U.S. Champion, and he didnt make the book!

    Just Joe made the book. Remember him? The weekly jobber for Heat? He made it. Kronik, the group which lasted less than a month in WWE, they made it. Remember Pez Whatley? Phantasio? PJ Walker? They all made it. Theodore Long made it, and yet Sean Mooney nor Todd Pettingill didnt. It’s a good encyclopedia, but it would be even better if they included everyone.


    It seems the nWo Wolfpac new World order Main Event Mafia will hold every TNA Title after Victory Road. I knew it was coming, it had to. It looks like Kurt Angle will be TNA Champ, Samoa Joe as Legends Champ and Booker T and Scott Steiner as Tag Team Champions.

    What happened to Eric Young’s heel turn? He’s stuck wrestling Jesse Neal. Who the hell is Jesse Neal?

    Well, thats it, I know it seems a bit short, but i’m now writing two columns on the same night, and this is the second of the two. Besides, I have a Randy Savage DVD to watch.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot … P!