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  1. SmackDown results – 10/10/08

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    * LIVE from Spokane, WA

    – Special Thanks to readers Adam Halverson and Brad Laird:


    – Vicky and Chavo Guerrero begin the show in the ring in her wheel chair wearing the neck brace. The crowd is drowning them out as they are talking about Undertaker’s loss to the Big Show. Big show comes out and talks about beating taker, and a video is shown from No Mercy. Big show talks about facing Triple H, Vladimer comes ou saying he should get a shot. Big Show threatens him and Vladimer leaves.

    – Brie Bella defeated Natalia (with Victoria) with help from Hornswoggle.

    – R Truth interview with Funaki, we learn Funaki’s real name.. cut to Triple H texting – Hardy comes in says he wants winner of Triple H vs. Big Show.

    – R Truth defeated Shelton Benjamin in a short non-title match.

    – Jeff Hardy defeated MVP with a swanton bomb but Kozlov came out and delivers a head butt of doom on him then stands over Hardy.

    – Special ring announcer Maria. Carlito and Primo Colon and Jesse and Festus defeated Curt Hawkins, Kurt Ryder, Kenny Dystrka and Ryan Braddock. Fetus with the flapjack for the win.

    – The Great Khali vs. 3 jobbers. They aired a video about the Jackass encounter. Khali wins. Khali does kiss cam. He picks a bigger girl from the audience and asked her how much she weighed.

    – Triple H brought back the kiss cam girl and brought her in the ring.

    – Triple H vs. The Big Show ended in a no contest. Lights go out and taker shows battles show to the back. Kozlov comes down attacks and head butt of doom on Hunter. Jeff Hardy comes to make the save and they take out Kozlov. Hardy then delivers a twist of fate on Hunter.