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  1. Smackdown 07/20/12


    It seems the last couple of months have been building up to this Monday. Meanwhile back in Smackdown Land, I’m sure most viewers are going into this just waiting for RAW. It’s kind of a bit of a joke though, because after next week’s Monday does the three hour tour… they are going to be scrambling for things to do to fill that extra hour. And let’s be frank for a moment here, they are having problems filling two hours. So what are we in store for tonight? A holding pattern? Two hours of vanilla tout videos? Ryback squashing someone? Momma’s being called? The answer to all of these questions is likely, “Yes,” but since it’s backstage dance time, let’s hop to it shall we?


  2. RAW 3.21.11


    Sorry about missing last week’s RAW everyone, but I started work Monday, and then spent the rest of the day at Universal Studios, where I mentally spent most of the day mocking TNA and the signs telling me to go watch it, and then forgot all about TNA in favor of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  BUT!  I am here tonight!

    There’s a rumor going around that Trish Stratus will be back tonight with Snooki and will team with her and John Morrison to go up against Dolph Ziggler and LayCool!  But, is it true?  I guess we’ll find out.  Not only that, but what else is next on WWE Champion The Miz’s schedule on his way to Wrestlemania?  I don’t know that either, so we’ll find out… I hope!

    Also. Unrelated. Go vote for Chris Jericho for Dancing With the Stars, alright?  You should totally do it.  I did.

    HOLY CRAP!! IT’S JR!?!?!?!

    …. Or not.  Fucking Cole.

    Cole walks out in a fat suit, something on his leg, something in his mouth, a bottle of JR’s BBQ and a cowboy hat.  Last week, Swagger put JR in an ankle lock?  Is that what I heard?  I kind of want to punch Cole in the head.  Josh Matthew looks unbelievably bored.  And Cole is hiding in “the Cole Mine”?  Whatever.  Coward.

    It’s time to play the game…

    Triple H makes his way down to the ramp, all authority and badass-ery, as usual.

    I have to take a moment and say, the WWE cameramen are pretty fucking spectacular at getting some pretty badass shots of the Superstars and Divas.  Definitely good at their jobs.  Shout out to those guys.  Alright, back to the facts now.

    Triple H says almost twenty years in this business.  It’s a long time.  He walks out there and looks at everyone and wonders, could this be the last time he’s in that building?  In two weeks, there is the defining moment of his entire career.  In two weeks, it’s the defining moment of the Undertaker’s career.  Everyone’s talking, there are signs.  Nineteen and zero, eighteen and one.  Time to end the streak.  The whole world is talking about this match.  Two icons clashing like never before, the Undertaker, Triple H, no holds barred.  He has no idea what this match will take out of him, or how much it will take out of the Undertaker.  He knows that neither one of them will ever be the same, he can assure us of that.  This is the biggest match he’s ever been in in his life.  That Streak of eighteen years is bigger than any championship, maybe all of the championships he’s ever held combined.  And ending it will be a career defining moment.  Before they go to the ring and tear each other apart, put each other through Hell, Triple H wants Taker to do him a favor: Come there next week, stand in the ring, one week before they collide, Triple H wants to look him in the eye, stand face to face, man to man, and Triple H wants to tell him what is going to happen at Wrestlemania.  He is going to look Taker in the eye and tell him he will lose.  Triple H will end the Streak.  The thing is, when it dies, so does the Undertaker.  If Triple H can’t do it, he will die trying.  But Deadman, Triple H wants that one last opportunity, to stand face to face with you, like your song says: Ain’t no grave can hold this body down, right?  When Triple H ends the Streak, that’s it.  It’s done.  Undertaker, at Wrestlemania, you go 18 and 1.  Undertaker, at Wrestlemania, you will Rest. In. Peace.

    Ted says one year ago, he was one of the rising Superstars of the WWE.  He competed his first Wrestlemania match against Randy Orton.  And this year, he’s just an afterthought.  Well, he won’t be an afterthought anymore.  He’s making his own opportunity.  What if Ted takes out the Cerebral Assassin on live television two weeks before Wrestlemania?  Then people will have no choice but to take notice of him, Ted DiBiase.

    Ted goes to get in the ring, but Triple H throws him out and stays on him, taking a few hits from Ted .  Triple H fights back and hurls Ted right into the steel steps.  He throws the top steps off and bounces Ted’s head off the other set.  Ted is then thrown into, or flipped into, the guard rail before Triple H grabs a chair.  He drives it into Ted’s torso before hitting Ted with it once, twice, three, four times.  He loses the chair, then stands over Ted for a moment, then eyes the announce table.  Triple H clears the table of the monitors, then grabs Ted, gets him on the announce table.  Triple H then makes the slashing motion across his throat and Pedigrees Ted through the announce table.

    Tonight, John Cena is going to respond to The Miz’s attack last night, via satellite.  And, not only that, but The Miz is going to “Rewrite Miz-tory” and change the face of the WWE.


    @TKeep123 Teddy, Teddy, Teddy….. Taking on a #WM27 headliner 2 weeks before the match? Thought your daddy raised you better! #WWE #RAW #BWF #mnbw

    @HitTheRopes Props to Teddy for having more offense against Trips than Sheamus did a few weeks ago. #JobbingIsPriceless

    @SuperCoolBerry Oh so Cena “Bringin’ It via Satellite” now……he biting The Rock. Smh

    We come back to Monday Night RAW with the new United States Champion, Sheamus in the ring!

    United States Champion King Sheamus vs Evan Bourne

    Sheamus starts out hard against Bourne and throws him to the ground before stomping away on him, using his knee.  Bourne rolls under the bottom rope, but Sheamus grabs him and hits him with some hard forearms, sending Evan between and underneath the ropes again.  Sheamus stops on Bourne’s hand, then throws him into the corner, but Bourne ducks a clothesline and kicks Sheamus right in the face.  Bourne goes up to the top turnbuckle and misses the Air Bourne.  Sheamus gets up and hits a Brogue Kick for the win.

    United States Champion King Sheamus wins via pinfall.

    Sheamus has a mic and says that he is now our new champion of the United States of America.  He is interrupted by my favorite person ohwait.

    Daniel Bryan says that one of the great things about this country is everybody gets an opportunity, no matter where they’re from.  Bryan says that he wants to invoke his rematch clause at Wrestlemania.  Sheamus shrugs, throws the title at Bryan, and then Brogue Kicks him in the face.  Right in the face.

    Tonight, a Wrestlemania Rewind from Wrestlemania 22, it’s Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio.


    @KeepItFiveStar IT’S A SHAMEFUL THING! LOBSTER HEAD!! (Exit theme version)

    @kickoutblog A kick to the face usually counts as a “yes” when someone makes a challenge.

    @Whovian_23 You know I’m sure there was someone else in the Orton/Mysterio match at WrestleMania 22… #WWE #RAW #BWF

    <WWE Slam of the Week: Last Monday, Randy Orton destroys Mason Ryan, and then punts him in the head.>

    Randy’s getting out of his tour bus and Scott Stanford meets him, asking what it’s like for Randy to travel in the gorgeous tour bus.  Randy says the bus is great, offers privacy, and lets him bring his family with him on the road.  On this very bus is where he witnessed the birth of the New Nexus, and the footage he likes to watch over and over again are the ones where he dismantles the new Nexus one punt at a time.  Punk has no one to watch his back, but insists that he’s still sick and twisted.  But, Punk has no idea what sick and twisted really is.

    Maryse vs Diva’s Champion Eve Torres

    Maryse mocks Eve right as they start, and Eve mockingly claps at her, and Maryse says that nobody cares about Eve.  Maryse misses a slap, and Eve connects with one.  Maryse then tackles Eve and slams her face down on the mat a few times.  Maryse then throws Eve into the corner, slapping her before sending her face into the turnbuckle.  She digs her knee into Eve’s back , and then misses an attempted hit.  Cole interrupts yet again, asking if we can get it over with as Eve hits a cross body on Maryse and misses a cover.  Eve then sends Maryse’s face into the turnbuckle and throws Maryse onto the ground, kicking her a few times before hitting a clothesline.  Eve then goes to hit the handspring moonsault, but Maryse lifts her knees.  Maryse gets Eve up, then Eve counters, hitting something or another, and pins her for the win.

    Diva’s Champion Eve Torres wins via pinfall.

    Cole keeps talking, and Eve is about to go attack Cole, but the bodyguard keeps her out of the way.  Eve obviously wants to attack Cole and nearly slaps him.  Cole then starts to climb out of the little glass room, he’s in, and then walks away.

    Tonight, The Miz is going to change the face of the WWE by rewriting “Miz-tory”.


    @KeepItFiveStar Oh My God! After two plus years of just wearing a shirt, Randy Orton is wearing PANTS!


    @Whovian_23 Randy Orton wearing clothes on RAW for the first time ever I think. #WWE #RAW #BWF

    @kickoutblog Again, WWE would never do something like this during a men’s match.

    @CMPunkSays Once again, @MichaelCole attempts to bury an entire division in one fell swoop. #WWE

    @KeepItFiveStar LMAO Maryse went in! “Nobody cares! NO BODY CARES ABOUT YOU HERE!” Speak the truth Maryse! Take down Juwanna Man!

    @Niki_Sushi Oh, go the hell away, Eve. I’m sick of you. Give the title to someone who shows up more than once every few months. #BWF #RAW

    @HitTheRopes I totally forgot Eve was champion… Scratch that, I totally forgot there was a Divas Championship.

    @Whovian_23 I get that @MichaelCole is meant to be an unlikeable prick, but it not good for business when a commenter shows no interest in matches. #BWF

    <VIDEO PACKAGE: Last Friday: The Big Show and Kane win, via DQ, against Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater before the Corre destroy The Big Show and Kane.  Probably a bad idea…>

    Tag Team Champions Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater with The Corre vs Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov with Tamina

    Wrestlemania this year starts at 7 PM!

    Santino and Gabriel start, and Santino gets Gabriel down.  He sets up for the Cobra, but catches Slater as he goes to get in, only to eat a very pretty spinning kick from Gabriel.  Gabriel goes for the cover, but Santino kicks out.  Slater gets tagged in and dominates Santino before putting him in a headlock.  Santino battles out of it and throws Slater over him.  Santino tries to get to Kozlov, but Slater stops him.  Santino gets away from Slater and Slater shoves Santino right into Kozlov.  Kozlov gets in and immediately dominates, but Barrett distracts Kozlov.  Slater hits something or another on Kozlov and tags in Gabriel, who hits the 450 Splash for the win.

    Tag Team Champions Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel win via pinfall.

    And now, The Corre attacks Santino and Kozlov.


    The Big Show and Kane, however, seem pretty pissed off after what happened on Friday and both get into the ring, attacking The Corre and saving Santino and Vladimir.  Show hits the knockout punch on Slater before focusing on Jackson.  Kane’s focus is on Barrett.  Santino checks on Kozlov while Kane and Show give Ezekiel a huge choke slam.  Tamina comes over to get her boys as Kane sets the ring on fire.  Not literally, of course.  Santino and Vladimir thank Show and Kane for their help.

    Coming up next, John Cena responds to The Miz’ attacks live via satellite.


    @FrankWWEClown Somebody has a “One Man Rockband” sign in the front row. Get that girl some help, ASAP. #WWE #RAW

    @Niki_Sushi No matter what, no remix will be as amazing as JeriShow. Good try, though. #BWF #RAW

    @KeepItFiveStar Damn! Kane hopped on the ropes n shit. Show and Kane are NOT playin!

    @HitTheRopes LOL, Cena is pulling a Rock and doing Bringing It Via Satellite #wwe

    @HitTheRopes It’s quite obvious after seeing Cena being via satellite: @JohnCena fears @MikeTheMiz

    Next Monday night, The Rock will be LIVE on Monday Night RAW!

    <VIDEO PACKAGE: Last Monday: John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio.  Cena gets Rio up, but Brodus Clay interferes.  Del Rio pushes Brodus away.  The Rock’s theme starts, The Miz comes out in a skull cap.  The Miz hits Rock Bottom.  Miz attacks Cena viciously, and then wraps it all up with a Skull Crushing Finale into the WWE logo.>

    Matthews says that next week, there will be no impersonations.  What does John Plan to do next week?  Cena says that next week will be epic.  Next week, John will be face to face with The Rock.  And if they do have a problem, then next week, that problem gets settled.  Jerry asks if all the attention focuses on the Rock has taken his focus off the Miz and has he underestimated the Miz?  John says he has and that’s why Miz has been able to attack him.  He says the fact that he’s sitting at home is proof that Miz deserves to be the WWE Champion.  It’s also proof that he claims he can change the face of the WWE.  Miz dressing like Rock was one helluva stunt.  He’s sure this celebration will be equally creative.  He won’t be there tonight, but he’ll be watching.  He hopes that tonight, The Miz rewrites history.  Because at Wrestlemania, Cena plans on making history.

    Cole takes the mic and climbs out of his little room, and says that Cena and the Rock have a lot in common.  While they’re coming live via satellite, Cole’s there live in person.  Coming up next, he has another worldwide exclusive, Mr. Lawler, something that we’re not gonna wanna miss, next.


    @kickoutblog The Rock won’t even make it to WrestleMania after The Miz destroys him next week.

    @kickoutblog John Cena wears his wrestling attire at home just in case the kid that mows his lawn starts talking shit.

    We come back to Swagger and Cole in the ring together.  Wow, this is the most screen time Jack’s gotten since… since… He was a member of the RAW Roster.

    Swagger stands in front of Lawler as Cole asks for our attention.  Cole says that he’d like to introduce us to the man who will train him for the Main Event at Wrestlemania, Jack Swagger.  Last week, we had another worldwide exclusive, when he invited Lawler’s son to tell the world what kind of a gutless fraud Lawler really is.  Cole was so touched by the emotional and heartwarming reunion, father and son together again, he wants to revisit it.

    <VIDEO PACKAGE: Last week, Brian Christopher points out that he competed at Wrestlemania before King did, attacks his father, says he’s ashamed of Lawler.>

    Cole quotes “ashamed of you”.  Brian Christopher was so appreciative last week that Cole let him say what he did last week that he gave Cole a gift.  Apparently, Brian Christopher gave him the Lawler Family Photo Album.  Cole says that to understand what a person is all about, you have to go back to see the way he was raised.  He shows a picture of King’s father.  Cole says that he went digging for information and found out that King and his father are nothing but gutless cowards and bullies.  People who talk a big game until someone steps up to them and puts them in their place.  Cole says he’s going to put Lawler in his place at Wrestlemania.  Cole finally realized that King, his mother, his father, and his son have one thing in common: the family is nothing but a bunch of losers.  King takes off his headset and Swagger attacks him.  However, King attacks back, dodging a kick and then bouncing Swagger’s head off the table.  King then chases Cole, who runs right into a clothesline from Swagger.  Swagger picks King up and puts him up against Cole’s glass box while Cole continues to insult Lawler’s family.  Swagger then puts King in another ankle lock.  Then Cole gets him in an ankle lock while Swagger rests his knee on Lawler’s head.


    @TKeep123 Swagger smashing King’s face on the glass like he’s trying to use Silly Putty to lift a picture from the Sunday comics! #WWE #RAW #BWF #mnbw

    @TKeep123 More Michael Cole… amazing how low they are going to help sell the Cole-King match. Is this really needed? #WWE #RAW #BWF #mnbw

    TheRealEvilNeo Oh my, @JerryLawler is going to kill @MichaelCole #ThereWillBeBlood #WWE #RAW

    @JonHexLives Didn’t Josh Matthews used to wrestle? Why doesn’t he help out? #WWE #RAW #BWF

    Cole apologizes, saying that he let his emotions get the best of him, and Lawler kept pushing his buttons and he’s going to try to contain himself for the rest of the night.

    Snooki has been all over the internet about how she’s getting in the ring for Wrestlemania!

    <VIDEO PACKAGE: Last week, Snooki guest stars on RAW, is interrupted by Vickie Guerrero, helps defeat LayCool, and accepts a Wrestlemania match.>

    Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero and LayCool vs John Morrison with Trish Stratus

    Morrison and Ziggler lock up, and Morrison starts to fight out, but Ziggler attacks Morrison.  Ziggler starts to get Morrison up, but Morrison throws him into the corner.  Ziggler kicks at Morrison’s knee and Ziggler goes for a cover, but Morrison kicks out.  Ziggler gets right back on Morrison and jumps on him before going for another cover, but kicks out. Ziggler gets Morrison in a side-headlock, but Morrison fights up to his feet and out, only to get a kick to the stomach.  Ziggler Whips Morrison, who ducks it, and then hits a clothesline before flipping Ziggler out of the ring.  Morrison goes to jump out of the ring at Ziggler, but McCool stands in the way.  Trish gets Layla and McCool out of the way, then gets in the ring.

    “I am now ordering this match to be a handicapped inter-gender tag team match.  John Morrison will team up with Trish Stratus against Dolph Ziggler, LayCool, and Vickie Guerrero.”

    Before the announcement is even done, Trish grabs Vickie’s hair, and it takes Dolph, Layla, and Michelle all to get her off.


    @ThingsColeSays Hahaha. Cole completely forgot, like all of us, that Dolph was World Champion.

    @kickoutblog Good God, that Trish Stratus magazine cover is a Photoshop disaster.

    Morrison and Ziggler are still in the ring, and Ziggler with another headlock.  Morrison fights out again, but Ziggler keeps a hold of his hair, only to eat another kick to the face.  Ziggler rolls to his corner and tags in Layla.  Trish gets in the ring too, and ducks Layla’s clothesline.  Trish hits some hard hits right into Layla’s face, kicking her in the stomach before Whipping her across the ring.  Lay kicks her, and Trish flips her into the ring before slapping her chest twice, three times.  Trish then Whips Lay, who turns it and Whips Trish into a kick by McCool.  Layla tags in McCool, who hits Trish right in the temple with her knee.  McCool attacks Trish, and then drops her knee on Trish repeatedly.  McCool goes for a cover, but Trish kicks out at one.  Trish counters something with something, I missed it, and McCool drags her back to their corner, tagging in Layla.  Layla kicks Trish in the stomach before going for a cover, only for Trish to kick out.  Layla throws Trish’s face into the mat and shoves her with her foot.   Lay then throws her back into the ring, tagging in Vickie.  Vickie almost hits something, but Trish manages to tag in Morrison.  Ziggler jumps in and eats a clothesline before a couple of kicks.  Morrison then bounces his head off the turnbuckle and hits the flash kick.  Layla runs around the ring and hurls Trish off the side of the apron, Morrison misses Starship Pain, and Ziggler hits the Zig Zag.  Vickie runs in and goes for the cover on Morrison, with some kind of Cougar movement that made me gag.

    Vickie Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler, and Lay Cool win via pinfall.

    Remind me: Inter-gender rules.  Shouldn’t it have been Dolph who pinned him, because he’s a MAN?!  Just asking…

    Still to come, The Miz is going to rewrite “Miz-tory”.


    @TKeep123 Vickie pins JoMo ?? Umm..but in Intergener rules…oh, wait….this is #WWE. Nevermind. #RAW #BWF #mnbw

    @kickoutblog Come on @ScottArmstrong_, Vickie wasn’t legally allowed to pin John Morrison. Mixed tag rules! You just screwed Morrison like you did Taker!

    @iPrinceRyMoZ: You know your life sucks when you get pinned by Vickie Guererro… #Smh #WWE #RAW

    @PricelessRKO JoMo really didnt need that on his record…smh #WWE #RAW #BWF

    <VIDEO PACKAGE: Sin Cara Promo…>

    BRING ME SIN CARA! Please?

    <VIDEO PACKAGE: John Cena, Big Show, Arn Anderson, Randy Orton, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Jerry “The King” Lawler, John Morrison, JR, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Booker T, Harley Race, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho!, Dusty Rhodes comment on Triple H vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania.>

    I hear voices in my head…

    Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio – Wrestlemania 22 Rewind


    @kickoutblog Okay, NOW I’m excited for Triple H vs. Undertaker. WWE’s hype machine strikes again.

    @KeepItFiveStar Wow. All these Superstars did this Taker interview in John Cena’s house

    @CMPunkSays I want Sin Cara nowwwwwwwwwww #WWE

    @JCenadotcom Sin Cara: the most anticipated debut since forever! Can’t wait!

    @Niki_Sushi I SERIOUSLY wanna see Sin Cara! C’mon! #BWF #RAW

    <VIDEO PACKAGE: Orton is interviewed earlier, and is it just me, or is Randy going to end up getting a sound guy fired?>

    Orton and Rey go to lock up, but Rey wraps his arms around Randy and ducks it.  Rey kicks at Randy, Randy kicks back.  Randy throws Rey into a corner, Rey takes advantage with some kicks.  Randy seems to be forgetting that Rey is small.  Randy ducks a kick and Rey eats an uppercut by Orton.  Orton then throws Rey right out of the ring, causing him to bounce on the floor outside.  Orton climbs out of the ring and throws Rey back into the ring, going for a cover, but Rey kicks out at two.  Orton drops his knee on Rey and goes for another cover, but Rey kicks out again.  Orton puts Rey in a headlock and Rey fights to his feet before fighting his way out of it, only to get an elbow on his back.  Randy throws him into a corner then puts him on the top turnbuckle.  Rey fights Orton as Orton gets up and Rey hits the seated senton on Orton, only to get a scoop slam.  Orton grabs Rey and pulls him back into the ring, starting to deliver that DDT, but Rey counters and gets Orton in position, but misses the 619, only to get hit with the DDT.  Punk, however, interrupts on the TitanTron.

    Punk is outside by Randy’s tour bus and says that he doesn’t know what sick and twisted is, but he does know that Orton has a very nice tour bus, and Punk can’t wait to meet his wife.  Randy then takes off backstage and runs outside to his bus, starting to get inside, only to get hit by Punk.  A woman begins screaming, and Punk tells her to shut up as Punk holds a wrench.  Punk says that the voices are probably telling Orton that he shouldn’t have punted Nexus.  Ain’t that a kick in the head?  He then blows a kiss at Sam, who gets out of the bus and kneels with Randy when Punk walks away.

    Up next, The Miz is going to rewrite Miz-tory.


    @kickoutblog What’s the matter, Randy? CM Punk just wanted to introduce himself to your wife. He’s just trying to be courteous and nice.

    @KeepItFiveStar That was a plan by the selfish Rey Mysterio. He paid CM Punk to distract Orton and flirt with his wife. What a horrible person

    @HitTheRopes CM Punk about to show Orton’s wife his “straight edge” #wwe

    @KeepItFiveStar Oh Randy, why did you even bring the bus? Don’t you know what happens in these situations?

    @ImAMelFo If this was a real WM22 rematch, Kurt Angle’s music should hit any time now… #wwe #raw

    @TKeep123 If this were the OLD Days…that Orton Tour BUS would end up wearing a green DX logo! #WWE #RAW #BWF #mnbw

    @redsandman99 Orton don’t think that Punk is sick and twisted? Didn’t he see Punk crashing Mystero’s daughter’s birthday celebration? Or the Manson beard?

    @seraphalexiel Randy’s just lucky that Punk didn’t go to his bus and introduce his wife to his sneaky penis

    @Whovian_23 So if we believe WWE Randy Orton has had about four different wife’s… all named Samantha. #WWE #RAW #BWF

    Next week, Triple H and The Undertaker will meet up face to face, and The Rock will be on RAW Live!

    Alex Riley is in the ring and tells us his name is Alex Riley.  Three weeks ago, he was fired as The Miz’ apprentice.  But, lucky for everyone, he was rehired as the “Vice President of Corporate Communication”.  Allow him to introduce the most must-see Champion and the best man at his wedding.


    This Wednesday, The Miz is going to be on Conan on TBS!

    Miz says that in the 1970s, people would travel great distances to say that they saw Muhammad Ali fight in person, and in the 80s, people would pay millions to see Michael Jordan in his prime play basketball.  Now, in 2011, we have been blessed with the honor of watching him.  When he first started, people didn’t take him seriously.  Some people said that he was annoying, but now look how far we’ve come?  Now, John Cena, like The Rock, hangs onto every single word Miz says.  Last week, he imitated The Rock.  He knows, it was good, got everyone.  It was ironic, while there has been many wanna-be Rock clones over the years, the one person who imitated him correctly is one-of-a-kind, an original.  He has rewritten history.  Someone has come who has more charisma than Shawn Michaels, more physically something than Andre the Giant, more intelligent than John Cena and The Rock combined.  He is the greatest WWE Champion in history.  And, in the process, he has become bigger than the entire WWE Universe and every single one of us that’s in it.  He has flipped the WWE since day one, and that is what he’s about to reveal, symbolizes and celebrates this iconic the WWE logo.  He has flipped it in the form of an M.  And that M stands for Miz.  The time has now come.  Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to rewrite “Miz-tory”.

    A drum roll sounds, and a spotlight shines over the covered thing in the ring.  The cover is pulled away, and the WWE Championship is exactly the same, except the WWE logo is upside down.  Miz lifts it over his head in victory.  Alex Riley secures the belt around his waist.  Miz says that this is what the WWE Championship will look like moving forward.  It will no long spin like a toy, and we will look at it as the most coveted title in the world.  Miz doesn’t plan on being a multi-time Champion, because he doesn’t ever plan on losing the title.  Because he’s The Miz, and he’s–!  Awesome!

    John comes on the TitanTron clapping.  He says the show was fantastic, moving, epic.  He hasn’t seen something that emotional since the season finale of Flip This House.  He flipped the WWE logo to an M for his name, because it begins with an M.  The WWE Universe knows that Cena isn’t invincible, and knows that you should never make Cena angry.  In thirteen days, Cena will make history at Wrestlemania.  People come in and remove Cena’s walls.  His living room got torn apart!  Cena says that he was supposed to be broadcasting from his home, and he is.  For the past nine years, the WWE has been his home.  Right now, the two of them are in the middle of his living room, and he’s coming to take out the trash.

    Cena heads to the ring and Miz and Riley prepare for him.  Wisely, they watch every entrance they can see, but Cena comes on down the ramp.  Miz is wielding the table as a shield in the ring.  Cena runs into the ring and Miz throws the table at him.  It’s an instant brawl as Riley and Miz attack Cena together.  Cena fights back the best he can, but there’s a flurry of movement in the ring.  When Cena starts to get advantage of one, the other jumps in.  Cena gets Riley out of the ring and Miz heads out.  Riley gets back in the ring and Cena locks in the STF on Riley.  The ref climbs into the ring and tries to get Cena to let Riley go, but Cena holds fast. Miz comes back and Cena finally lets Riley go.  Miz stands on the stage and watches as Cena locks the STF in again.  Miz looks a bit upset and moves closer to the ring.  Cena just waits for him, and then Miz walks out as Riley gets put into yet another STF.  Two more refs join the first one and try to get Cena off of Riley.

    That’s it for this week.  Stay tuned for next week’s RAW!

  3. RAW 7.26.10


    What’s up everyone?! I’m on vacation in Chicago with @Niki_Sushi, as a birthday present to us, but I’m still gonna review RAW!  No idea how well this is going to go, but I’m going to do my best, alright?  Why’m I still going to do this review?  No rest for the wicked.

    Now that Cena has gathered a team to do battle with Nexus at SummerSlam, how is the shift in balance going to play out on RAW?  And what about Mister Money in the Bank?  Is he going to cash in on RAW, or is he going to save his opportunity until he sees the champion down at SummerSlam??

    <VIDEO PACKAGE: Last week: Nexus meets Team Cena.>


    Cena makes his way to the ring. One day, he’ll realize that orange isn’t his color, I’m hoping.  And he stands there… and stands there… And says everything’s better in Texas.  Seven weeks ago, Nexus attacked and took over RAW with no warning.  Superstars, commentators, cameramen, the Chairman, Hall of Famers, no one was safe.  They did it for reasons only they knew.  The point is, if Nexus wanted you hurt, you got hurt.  Until last Monday.  RAW finally said they have had enough.  Friends and enemies stood side by side in the ring with one common goal: to beat Nexus at SummerSlam.  You will see that they are not invincible.  It’s about time, because the more they terrorize, the more power they get.  And with power comes great responsibili-I mean influence.  With more influence, they’ll start to take out the show. He’s not saying it’s going to be easy, he’s not Superman, he sees himself more as Aquaman.  Jericho and Edge aren’t Batman and Robin.  The idea of Khali walking around like Wonder Woman is just wrong.  Cena photoshopped it, and it was very very disturbing.  Every person on team Cena was chosen for a reason, and at SummerSlam-


    I love Jericho… especially in a tux.  Just sayin.

    Cena points out Jericho is on the SummerSlam team.  The crowd has a Y2J chant going, and Jericho looks a little confused.  He says that he was standing backstage, biding his time, counting the minutes until Cena said what Jericho knew he would say.  “My team.” “John Cena’s Team.”  All week long, people have been approaching Jericho, saying they’re happy he’s on Cena’s team, and has changed his ways.  Jericho wants to make something clear: He didn’t get involved to be a part of Cena’s team, to bask in the glory of a hero, or to shamelessly pander to a group of parasites.  He got involved because of his personal problems with Nexus and Barrett, a man he molded from the moment he first came into the company.  Jericho knows Barrett and Nexus, therefore he’s more qualified, and this is Jericho’s team.  Cena says fine, and the team is sold to Jericho, at a bargain price.  Call them whatever he wants.  He doesn’t care; he just wants to beat Nexus.  Jericho tells Cena not to patronize him.  He will be honest and clear: the team lives or dies by Jericho.  Cena knocks the mic out of Jericho’s hand, and Jericho looks ready to either run or smack a Sunkist bitch.

    Cena says it ain’t about Jericho.  It’s not about him.  It’s about the damn business.  Nexus has taken over the company.  Last week, they got Jericho, they got Cena, whatever they want.  Jericho loves the business, and that’s why they’re doing it.  Does Jericho understand what Cena is saying to him right now?  They have to co-exist.  Yes, he knows Barrett better than anyone.  Jericho is essential to the team.  Jericho picks up the mic again and tells Cena never to knock the mic out of his hand again.  Second of all, Jericho knows how essential he is.  More than that, he sees the big picture.  Nexus isn’t the only threat to the company.  The other threat is John Cena.  Because Cena is more like Nexus than he thinks.  He walks around, interrupting whoever he wants, doing what he wants to do.  The only difference is he does it with the support of the WWE Universe.  Jericho is warning Cena: As soon as Nexus is gone, he’s going to take the next logical step, and turn his sights on Cena.  He’ll either do it with his team’s help, or he’ll do it himself.  Cena says he’s standing right there, take your best shot.

    You’ve got mail!

    Cena threw his hat.  “Cena, Jericho.  Your match against the Nexus at SummerSlam will now be an Elimination Match.  The team that eliminates all the members of the opposing team first will be victorious.  And in a preview of SummerSlam, the Nexus will face seven RAW superstars in an elimination match tonight.  Your match at SummerSlam is all about teamwork.  Tonight, let’s see how you, John, and you, Chris, function as a team against opponents of my choosing.  And if you’re not down with that, I’ve got two words for you.”


    @Niki_Sushi The LOOK on @IAmJericho’s face is ‘I’m being cheered for. I do not approve.’ #BWF #RAW

    @SadieandCompany Good grief folks, hold onto your socks. HBK is not in the house tonight. Sigh… #WWE #BWF

    @RAWMysteryGM   I don’t trust Cole to get me food, it’ll probably be moldy. He loves the Vintage thing RT @Tommyspud: @RAWMysteryGM ‘Get me a pizza’

    <VIDEO PACKAGE: Last week, R-Truth interrupts The Miz’ attempt to cash in Money in the Bank.>

    It’s a shame that they lost their heads…

    Sheamus makes his way to the ring, and Jerry says he is what the future of the WWE is all about.  He sits down next to Jerry Lawler.

    I hear voices in my head, they council me, they understand, they talk to me…

    Randy Orton vs. Jey Uso with Jimmy Uso and Tamina

    Last week, Orton won a triple threat match between Jericho, himself, and Edge to get the title of Number One Contender for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam.

    Looks like the Usos are starting to really get up here if they get to fight Randy.  Anyway, I’m kind of interested in this match.  The two lock up, and Uso gets a hit to the face that takes him down.  Orton keeps the momentum, punching Uso in the side of the head before getting Uso under the bottom rope, and dropping him up into it.  Orton then pulls Uso to the apron by his hair.  Uso pulls Orton’s head down on the rope, however, and then manages to keep Orton down for a cover, but Orton kicks out at two.  He gets Orton in a headlock, but Orton stands up and powers out.  The two exchange blows before Orton gets the advantage with a couple of clotheslines, and then a scoop slam.  Jimmy Uso tries to help, but Orton gets him.  Orton then DDTs Jey off of the second rope, and Randy gets riled up, slamming on the mat, and hitting the RKO.  He goes for the cover, and secures a victory.

    Randy Orton wins via pinfall!

    Orton paid too much attention to Sheamus, and Jimmy Uso attacked him.  Orton begins to attack back, and Sheamus sneaks in.  Orton ducks an attempted kick to the face from Sheamus, and then RKO’s Sheamus.


    Miz runs out there with a referee behind him, and cashes in the Money in the Bank contract.

    The Miz vs WWE Champion Sheamus for the WWE Championship

    However, before the match can even begin, Randy RKOs The Miz, and it seriously looks like Randy just mouthed ‘mother FUCKER’.

    Edge is backstage, talking, saying he can’t wait for SummerSlam.  However, he wishes Ted was on his team instead of Khali.  Cena comes to Edge and says he has an unstoppable unit, but Khali?  Khali’s clumsy, uncoordinated, and not that bright.  Maryse says that they don’t understand him, but Edge doesn’t look like he understood her.  Ted says neither Khali nor Morrison deserve to be there.  Edge says if he has to, he’ll force Cena’s hand and take Khali out himself.  As he walks away, he passes Ranjin Singh.


    @TKeep123   …and this could go on for a year! :} RT @markjamesbrand: Poor Miz. Thwarted again.

    @Niki_Sushi ‘WWE’ is #9 trending in Chicago! #BWF #RAWSheamus and Miz are still in the ring, yelling at one another.

    You’ve got mail!

    “I found the team that will challenge Chris Jericho and John Cena tonight.  The United States Champion The Miz, and the WWE Champion Sheamus.”

    I just noticed, the briefcase is dented.  Probably from beating Sheamus in the head with it.

    <VIDEO PACKAGE: Honkytonk Man vs. Ultimate Warrior for the Intercontinental Championship.>

    Backstage, Edge is on the phone and Khali starts yelling at him.  Ranjin says he heard earlier what Edge said, and he told Khali.  Edge claims he never said that, and that he has nothing but the utmost respect for Khali.  Khali grumbles something, or spits it, and it apparently translated to Edge is a nincompoop, and challenges him to a match right now.  Khali manages to say: YOU! ME! NOW!, which is just plan dirty.  Edge says fine.  But if Edge wins, Khali is off the team.


    @HitTheRopes “I received another manager from the general email.” — Michael Cole. LOL #WWE

    @RAWMysteryGM Cole screwed up my E-mail, I will replace him with Byron Saxton starting next week #WWE

    @Niki_Sushi Well, Edge is gonna get a Great Fist up his ass and a pinky and index through his eyeballs. #BWF #RAW

    The Great Khali vs. Edge

    Khali comes out, and everyone’s dancing, and I’m so sick of that dance it’s not even funny.  Lawler is gone because he’s going to be part of the seven-on-seven tag team elimination match later tonight.  I hope Striker comes back on commentary.

    Khali starts towards Edge, but Edge moves.  Edge is then thrown into a turnbuckle, and Khali licks his han- okay, not really.  He smacks Edge in the chest, and then manhandles him a bunch, throwing him into the opposite turn buckle.  Edge gets up and manages to punch Khali a couple times, and then Khali clotheslines him, trying a leg drop and missing as Edge rolls away.  Nexus makes their way out to the ring, and Edge climbs out of the ring, and into the crowd.  Nexus surrounds the ring.  Khali’s glaring at Nexus, and they make their way into the ring.  They move away, creating an opening for him by the ramp.  Khali cautiously gets out of the ring, and he backs up the ramp.

    Later tonight, it’s John Cena and Chris Jericho against United States Champion The Miz and WWE Champion Sheamus.  However, before that, it’s the seven-on-seven elimination match.  I saw Yoshi Tatsu, the Hart Dynasty, Evan Bourne, Mark Henry, and Jerry Lawler.


    @BrdWrstlngFn Why did the GM choose to torment us by having Michael Cole on commentary by himself?

    @HitTheRopes Dammit Edge, if you allowed the Nexus to beat you up, you would have won by DQ and Khali would have been off the team. #wwe

    Seven-on-Seven Tag Team Elimination Match
    Team RAW vs Team Nexus
    Yoshi Tatsu, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Goldust, David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd, Mark Henry, and Evan Bourne vs. Darren Young, Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Michael Tarver, Heath Slater, Skip Sheffield, and David Otunga

    Tarver and Yoshi start out, and Tarver gets the upper hand, throwing Yoshi into the turnbuckle.  Tatsu runs at him, but Tarver scoop slams him, and eliminates him.

    Yoshi Tatsu Eliminated by Michael Tarver.

    Evan Bourne takes over against Tarver, and Tarver keeps an advantage, tagging in Justin Gabriel.  Tarver was holding Bourne back, but Bourne used it to his advantage.  He then tagged in Lawler.  Lawler goes for a cover, but Gabriel kicks out at two.  Barrett pulls Gabriel out, and they begin to work out a plan.


    @seraphalexiel Why did Tyson send Nattie to the back? She can handle the Nexus. And I don’t like seeing Jerry in the ring

    @Niki_Sushi ‘VINTAGE LAWLER!’ You know what’ll be vintage? Your life when I figure out how to morph through TVs, Cole. Wait for it. #BWF #RAW

    @SadieandCompany Love Jerry Lawler’s “Wonder Woman” outfit! He’s still fabulous!! #WWE #BWF

    @ IAmJHPunk Dammit Bourne vs Gabriel would have been great! #wwe #raw #bwf

    Jerry Lawler was eliminated during the break by Heath Slater, which is sad, but oh well.  Tyson Kidd is in the ring now, and Heath Slater is taking a beating.  The ref gets Tyson off Heath, and then tags in David Hart Smith.  Smith kept him up in the air for a while before finally dropping him in a suplex, and then went for the cover, but Slater kicked out at two.  Smith keeps the advantage, getting Slater down in the corner before Irish Whipping him into the opposite turnbuckle.  Slater gets up on the top rope, and Smith gets distracted by Gabriel.  Slater hits Smith from behind, and eliminates him.

    David Hart Smith eliminated by Heath Slater.

    Goldust is in now, and Slater get s quick advantage, but Goldust hits a shoulder block before slapping Slater around.  Slater tags in Otunga.  Goldust gets momentum, but Young holds his ankle and lets Otunga get an opportunity.

    Goldust eliminated by David Otunga.

    Mark Henry comes in and lifts Otunga before dropping him.  Henry then throws Otunga into the turnbuckle, and Slater is tagged in.  Slater is thrown around by Henry, who then hurls him across the ring again.  Slater then tags in Young, who is clotheslined as soon as he comes in.  Henry then hits a boot that actually hurts both me and @Niki_Sushi.  Sheffield comes in and the two get in a yelling match for a minute.  Sheffield then hits some blows on Henry, before going for his clothesline.  Henry then drops him with a suplex, I think, and then again.  He then throws Gabriel into the ring, before running right into him in the turn buckle.  Turns out Henry forgot about Sheffield, who hits him with his spear-like clothesline.

    Mark Henry eliminated by Skip Sheffield.

    Only Tyson Kidd and Evan Bourne are left.  Sheffield ran at them, and they both kicked him before Kidd went in.  Kidd then was clotheslined in mid air. Sheffield tags in Young, who hits Kidd.

    Tyson Kidd eliminated by Darren Young.

    Wade Barrett comes in and runs at Evan.  Evan then attacks everyone he can, but Wade gets him and drops him.  Wade goes for the cover, and it’s over.

    Team Nexus wins, seven to nothing.

    Evan’s still lying in the ring, and they get him up, as usual, and then run him right into Sheffield’s Spear-Clothesline.  Otunga then lifts Evan, and then drops him.  As Evan lies there, Justin gets up on the top rope, hitting the 450 Splash.

    Barrett gets the mic, and says that what they just saw was an act of total domination.  The Nexus has always been 100% behind the common purpose.  Cena, or Jericho’s team is already showing cracks.  The cracks are due to their individual egos and agendas.  Barrett assures us that come SummerSlam, the cracks are going to destroy the team.  Sheffield says that he has a team of individuals who have no singular focus.  No member of Cena’s team is willing to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of the group, like Nexus will do and has done.  What Cena’s looking at is the Nexus.  And they are unbreakable.  Tarver takes the mic and says that SummerSlam will be no different than tonight.  They will eliminate everyone until there’s only one person left, and Tarver hopes it’s Cena.  They’ll treat him like a piece of meat, until they’ve all had their fill.  They’ll pounce, and when they do, they’ll put him out of his misery.  And then it’ll be over, mercifully for Cena, in more ways than one.

    Miz is sitting backstage, massaging his forehead from the RKO, and then Sheamus comes up.  Sheamus starts hating on Miz, and says that Miz is dreaming if he thinks that he can beat Sheamus.  Miz just stares at him.  Sheamus asks if Miz thinks he can, just name the time and place.  Miz says how about tonight, immediately after they face Cena and Jericho.  After Miz wins that match, and throws Sheamus back in the ring.  After Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment, and Jericho puts him in the Walls of Jericho, and he’s screaming in pain…  Miz has a really good Irish accent, btw, and then Miz cashes in on Sheamus.  Sheamus says if Miz keeps pushing him, he’ll make him regret it, and knocks the briefcase across the room.  Miz looks around and then scoffs.


    @kickoutblog When Michael Tarver speaks, you better listen, but don’t look directly into his eyes or else he’ll consume your soul.

    @HitTheRopes A clothesline took out the “World’s Strongest Man”? Really? #wwe

    @Niki_Sushi Little Known Fact: Mark Henry and Skip Sheffield have a rap battle every night over drinks.

    @TKeep123 Team Steroid vs. Team Jobber ….. outcome as expected. #WWE #RAW #BWF

    @BrdWrstlngFn Come on WWE, pull the trigger – you know you want The Miz as the WWE Champion!

    @kellylynndobson To Barrett Bourne must have weighed nothing after botching kool aid last week. #bwf

    Brie Bella with Nikki Bella vs. Diva’s Champion Alicia Fox

    Dear God… It’s the Bellas.  Jerry is, however, finally back, so we don’t just have to listen to Cole.  The Bellas are dressed alike, so I smell a Switcheroo.  Jillian came out to stop the twins from doing said Switcheroo, and Nikki nearly pinned Alicia, but Alicia came back and hit her with her finisher, whatever it’s called.

    Diva’s Champion Alicia Fox wins via pinfall!

    Someone made the mistake of letting Jillian pick up a mic.  Jillian says that she has a gift for Alicia, and she’s gonna sing.  She’s singing a fucked up version of We Are the Champions by Queen, but Alicia hits her with her finisher too, and another stupid segment is ended.


    @dasharpshooters Whores are forever, and so are the Bella Twins. #wwe #raw #bwf

    @IAmJHPunk How does Jillian still have a job?! #wwe #raw #bwf

    R-Truth is out, screaming his constant question, to be on commentary.  Anyway.

    Ted DiBiase with Maryse vs. John Morrison

    DiBiase and Morrison lock up, as Cole questions Truths’ motives.  Maryse grabbed Morrison, and allowed DiBiase to get a chance to beat him up a little.  DiBiase goes for a cover, but Morrison kicks out at two.  I don’t really care what Truth says, stop focusing on him.  DiBiase went for another cover, but Morrison kicked out.  DiBiase gets Morrison in a headlock, but Morrison fights out, only to get beat up a bit.  Morrison fights back, and Morrison hits DiBiase with his spinny-kick thing, and DiBiase kicks at Morrison.  Morrison hits his flying chuck, and goes to the corner, but Maryse gets on the apron and distracts Morrison.  DiBiase puts his feet on the rope to try to cover Morrison, but Truth shoves his feet off.  DiBiase attacks Truth, and then Morrison tries to take advantage, only to kick Morrison in the face.  DiBiase manages to pin Morrison for the win.

    Ted DiBiase wins via pinfall!

    Truth and Morrison start arguing in the ring, about Truth’s interference, and Morrison leaves, obviously upset, further creating cracks in Team Cena or Team Jericho.  Cena’s watching this, worried about how this is going to affect the team.  Truth admits that it was his bad, but Morrison doesn’t look impressed.


    @KeepItFiveStar His name is NOT “Jo Mo Fo Sho” it’s John Morrison. Don’t bring him down to your level.

    @BrdWrstlngFn Can we get Alicia Fox out here to kick R-Truth too?

    @dasharpshooters Morrison turning heel? Hope so. #wwe raw #bwf

    @KeepItFiveStar Ted DiBiase’s purple tights are made from actual skin from Grimace. It’s amazing what money can buy.

    “Rip It Up” by Jet is the official SummerSlam theme song!

    <VIDEO PACKAGE: Team Nexus? Meet Team Cena (Jericho).>

    Lawler has a Cena Slurpee cup with a Triple H straw…

    Josh Matthews is backstage with Randy Orton now! He says that earlier, Randy prevented Miz from cashing in.  Orton says that before he RKO’d Miz, he RKO’d Sheamus. T he message he sent tonight was clear: the question of who will be champion walking into SummerSlam doesn’t matter, because the question of who’s leaving as champion will be answered with an RKO.


    United States Champion The Miz and WWE Champion Sheamus vs John Cena and Chris Jericho


    @RAWMysteryGM Spoiler Alert: Miz opens next week’s RAW with the World Heavyweight championship explaining why he cashed in on Kane on Smackdown #WWE

    @kickoutblog Y2J chant? Get out of 1999 you parasitic tapeworms!

    It’s a shame that they lost their heads…

    Sheamus comes out, and there’s already tension between Miz and Sheamus, and everyone knows Jericho and Cena were going to have tension…

    Both teams are arguing over who’s going to start the match.  I saw Miz go, “Okay, you start it? You start it?” and then run to attack Cena.  Cena hits a bulldog by the time I look up, and Miz rolls out of the ring. Miz then tags in Sheamus, who blends in with the ring ropes.  They lock up, and Sheamus gets the advantage, keeping Cena in a headlock, but Cena powers out and puts Sheamus in a headlock.  Cena hits the shoulder block, and then shoves Sheamus in the corner.  Cena holds his hand out and Jericho tags in, cornering Sheamus, before Sheamus turns it around on Jericho.  A Y2J chant is starting up, and it makes me happy.  Jericho hits a missile dropkick on Sheamus before standing on both Sheamus and the ropes.  Jericho gets a kick in the stomach before some moves are exchanged and Sheamus gets flipped out of the ring.  Jericho clears the ring, and then Miz mocks Sheamus outside the ring.


    We come back to Cena and Sheamus, just in time for Cena to get a huge clothesline.  Sheamus tags in Miz, but Cena gets the advantage and goes for a cover, only for Miz to kick out.  Jericho comes in off the tag and knees Miz right in the nose.  Jericho bounces around and goes for a cover, only to try for the Walls of Jericho.  Sheamus goes to attack Jericho, but Jericho ducks and finally manages to hit the Lionsault on Sheamus, but Miz takes advantage.  Miz gets Chris up and back into his corner, kicking him before Sheamus tags himself in.  Sheamus then attacks Chris in the same way, pandering more to Miz than the crowd, as the Miz chokes Chris on the apron as Sheamus distracts the ref.  Sheamus clotheslines Jericho and goes for a cover, but Jericho kicks out.  Sheamus gets Jericho in a headlock after that, and Jericho gets to his feet and powers out.  Sheamus drops Jericho onto his knee and then goes for the cover, but Jericho kicks out at two.  Sheamus gets Jericho back to his feet, and then drops him again.  Sheamus tags Miz in, and Miz drops his boot on Jericho’s back before hitting him with some forearms.  Miz then keeps Jericho on the rope, and slams his throat into it.  Miz goes for a cover, but Jericho grabs the rope.  Miz then gets a kick to the chin, and then a missile dropkick from the top rope.  Cena is yelling at Jericho to tag him, and Miz rolls over to tag in Sheamus.  Sheamus then gets Jericho in a headlock, and Cena seems to be trying to walk Jericho through it on the apron.  Jericho manages to get up and power out of the headlock and Miz tags his way in.  Miz then bounces Jericho’s head off the turnbuckle, and beats him in the corner.  The ref forces Miz off, and then Miz yells at him before attempting his swinging corner clothesline, only for Jericho to win.

    Miz is slowly rolling to Sheamus, as Jericho crawls to Cena, and it’s now Cena and Sheamus.  Cena takes Sheamus down with some shoulder blocks.  Cena then sets up and hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle.  Miz distracts the ref, and Chris is in the ring too.  Chris hits the Code Breaker on Cena, Miz tags in himself, and goes for the cover on Cena.

    The United States Champion The Miz and the WWE Champion Sheamus win via pinfall.

    Miz already starts walking out of the ring and away from them.  Jericho is watching Cena, before climbing back in the ring.  Jericho then puts Cena in the Walls of Jericho.  Cena flips it and puts Jericho into the STF.  Jericho taps, but Khali comes in, trying to talk some sense into them.  Edge then hits a Spear on Khali.  Cena asks what the hell Edge is doing only for Morrison and Truth to come in.  Team Cena/Jericho/whatever is all arguing in the ring.  Khali then hits Morrison and Edge, and then everyone tries to tell Khali to stop.  Jericho starts screaming at all of them too, telling everyone to stay down.

    Looks like the tension on Team Cena/Jericho/YankeeDoodleDandy is going to make everyone a little crazy.  How will Nexus take advantage of this?  Will Miz ever cash in the Money in the Bank contract, or is he just going to hold onto it forever until the year mark and then cash it in?  Later, BWF tweeters.