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  1. BWF Interview: Bruce Hart & Doc Knight of Stampede Wrestling


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    Recently, the legendary Bruce Hart and the CEO/VP of Stampede Wrestling, Doc Knight, took time out of their busy schedule to speak with ThinkSoJoE and G of BoredWrestlingFan about the relaunch of the Original Stampede Wrestling.  In the one hour interview, Bruce and Doc talk about the various promotions going around trying to use the Stampede name.  Bruce tells us about working behind the scenes at the original Stampede, the innovations pioneered by the organization that were “borrowed” by others, how the lack of “grass roots” territories is effecting the wrestling business, the overabundance of gimmick matches, wrestlers who can’t work as Champions, how completely scripted matches effect the audience, and the lengths wrestlers would go through back in the day to maintain the mystique of professional wrestling as opposed to the near complete lack of mystique being maintained in public by today’s wrestlers.  G asks about the late, great Ed Whalen, the original voice of Stampede Wrestling.  Bruce and Doc talk about wanting the new Stampede to be a viable alternative to the WWE.  Bruce discusses mistakes that are being made by promoters today, which leads to a mini-shoot on Brutus Beefcake.  The duo talk about the desire to make sure their talent is properly trained, wanting to grow a new generation of talent, instead of “one dimensional stiffs,” having a reason or purpose for everything done in the ring, and the need for things to be done safely.  Bruce ponders the absurdity of weapons randomly lying around under the ring.  All this, and much more! Click below for the full interview.

    BWF Interview: Bruce Hart & Doc Knight (MP3, 1:00:34)

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