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  1. WWE Superstars

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    Hey everybody!  Whose ready for another review of the rotating half face show?!  I gotta say, the intro to Superstars kinda freaks me out a little.  But, I digress. Let’s get this thang started.

    First match of the evening pits THE ECW CHAMPION….CHRISTIAN against the Tommy Dreamer for the ECW title.

    First out is Christian with his new shirt.  I can’t wait to get it!  Next out is the challenger, who was actually challenged by the champ, Tommy Dreamer.  Why is the ECW championship match leading off the D-show?  Shouldn’t it be the main event?  Whatever….At one point, Dreamer looked like he was smelling Christian’s butt, when he applied a knee wrench.  That was a little awkward.  Throughout the match, Dreamer worked on Captain Charisma’s knee that was injured by Jack Swagger on ECW.  This was a pretty good match.  I’m not a huge fan of Dreamer’s work, but he certainly is not horrible.  Christian is great and always does his part in the match.  Dreamer hit a sicknasty suplex off the top rope and a cannonball to the outside, which were his two big spots of the night.  Swagger made his way out the ringside and this match was ruled a no-contest.  This match will likely be a triple threat match at Extreme Rules.  This match gets a 8 out of 10.

    Backstage interview with Josh Mathews and Chris Jericho

    Jericho accuses Mathews of not respecting him and ties CMPunk’s popularity to his MITB briefcase.  He defines greatness as himself and says Punk has his brush with greatness tonight.

    The second match of the night is Kofi Kingston against William Regal

    Regal should get a run at a world title soon.  The guy is great.  These two seem to work well together.  I like their mix of high-flying and technical/brawling styles.  From out of nowhere, Kingston hit the Trouble in Paradise for the win.  This was  good match for its length.  I give it a 7.5 out of 10.

    The main event of the evening is Chris Jericho and CM Punk

    This match was good, but it seemed really random to have these two squaring off.  It would have made more sense to have Punk and Rey tagging against Jericho and Umaga.  This is the main event in name alone, as these two have no current beef with each other…Yet.   Punk got the win with a counter of the Walls of Jericho into a rollup.  After the match, Jericho hit a Code Breaker.  This match looked like a seed-planter for a future program.  We shall see.  This match gets a 8.5 out of 10. 

    The show was very entertaining tonight.  Except for the main event, everything else continued the storylines.  Hopefully Jericho and Punk will start something going into Summerslam.  As I leave you I will pose a question for you to ponder…If a penny is the unit for the American dollar, shouldn’t an ounce be the unit for the British pound?