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  1. Smackdown 05/17/13: Extreme Rules Go Away Show

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    Normally I end my intro blah’s with “hopping time” or some variation of such. Nope. Not so much this week.

    See, See? You killed him.

    Gravity wins again. It’s falling down time smarks, hit the link below. I get progressively angrier and jaded during this review. Maybe it’s just this week, maybe it’s not. The ball is in the WWE’s court on this one…


  2. Smackdown 02/17/12: Orton’s been replaced, “Oh You Didn’t Know?”


    Let’s skip the intro crap, and we begin with clips of the Big Show/Orton match from RAW. Orton was concussed and is being pulled from this Sunday’s Elimination Chamber match up. So our go home Smackdown will serve to find his replacement in a Battle Royal. Teddy Long confirms the stoic faced Orton kayfabe, but it’s all legit too. So sell me on the PPV WWE, I wouldn’t have shilled out the money for Orton anyways. BTW, if you somehow didn’t hear the announcement WWE made themselves on their own website, I’ll save the spoiler for after the jump as I run down this episode of Smackdown…