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  1. W is for Wednesday, Wrestlemania and …


    W for …

    Welcome lads, lasses and haemaphs. It’s me once again, on yet another Wednesday, fresh off Real-Time for WrestleMania XXV. For those who didnt catch it, then read the thread, situated just a couple of posts down. For those that did, then let’s continue.

    If you remember, my head and my heart gave their predictions for WMXXV. Well the results are in! My head picked a grand total of … 2! Undertaker, and the 25th Diva, Santina Marella. My heart on the other hand, didnt get all 9, but still beat my head. My heart picked 4. Triple H, Chris Jericho, Santina Marella and Matt Hardy. These results leave one question. Is it better to pick with your head, or your heart? When it came to WMXXV? Your heart was the one you should’ve went for.

    Onto non-Wrestlemania news. Batista is back.

    Onto news that people will care about, Tank Johnson has signed a 1-year deal with the Bengals. The same Tank Johnson who, well I’ll let his Wikipedia page tell you. The link is the following: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tank_Johnson.

    With Lockdown less than two weeks away, the only match I care about, is of course the Tag Title match between Team 3D and the one and only, Beer Money Inc. The rest of the card can go to hell. Anything that involves Kurt Angle, I’m trying to ignore him, in an attempt he goes away. It hasnt worked so far, but these things don’t happen overnight.

    Finally, in conjuction with vincerussowatcheshisbeardgrow.com, I am starting a competition. It’s based on this commercial for Roses chocolates Commercial. In it, it says that by thanking someone, you give them a box of Roses chocolates. For example, Thank you very much for watering my garden, and you give them chocolates. What this competititon is, well, it’s simple. What’s the most inapproapriate thing you can think of, yet be thanked with Roses chocolates?

    Thank you very much for … then you add the rest.

    For those who dont understand, I’ll give you a few examples. Thank you very much for … killing my family. Thank you very much for … making me sit through a Kurt Angle match. Now, those examples cant be used, but surely you can come up with better ones than that. The competiton ends soon, so get a-creating.

    Thats all for this Wednesday, I have been the one they call ‘Legend Killer’, asking you,  Would you like some knives?


    Maybe you’d like these knives?