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  1. RAW 7/8/13 – The Wyatt Family arrive!

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    Unlike most Mondays, I wasn’t home for the first 30 minutes of RAW.  The only thing I know about tonight’s episode is that The Wyatt Family were trending on Twitter before the show even started.  That said, I feel like crap, haven’t been home in over 24 hours, and I’m hoping I don’t fall asleep in the tattoo chair tomorrow while getting inked.  Fuck it, let’s go!

    Stuff, stuff, stuff and stuff, history and stuff and stuff, people, people, someone’s name, history and sports.  Big disaster, someone’s name, stuff and stuff and stuff and stuff, history, someone’s name, something I don’t know.  Famous guy, movie star, don’t know who these people are, stuff and stuff and history, yelling really loud at me.  Yes.  That’s how many fucks I give right now.  Also, I play by my own rules.  Screw you, SmackDown review!