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  1. Smackdown 06/29/12: MitB Qualifiers Begin!

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    Well, the description of tonight’s episode is “examining John Cena’s role on next week’s Great American Bash.” That’s right, next week is the GAB PPV converted into what appears to be Smackdown (not RAW? Really?). Whatever, I’m already distracted enough by other stuff tonight, so maybe this will make it easier to digest this show? Let’s get to steppin’ and see what happens, shall we?

    Note from G: Don’t let my sarcastic cynicism fool you, this was a pretty solid episode.


  2. “Impact” Review and Thoughts 11/27/08




    Oh, forget it. This week is less of a review and more of a rant. I’m quite well aware that no one in a position of power in TNA reads this column on this site. I’m quite well aware that if they did, the things written here would mean absolutely nothing to any of them. I’m also quite well aware that business as usual will continue until the company dies and all in it are forced to seek other employment, mostly to no avail. All the same, on this Thanksgiving holiday, the so-called creative team and the powers-that-be of TNA should be giving most profuse thanks that my access to multiple large-caliber weapons and 55-gallon drums of chloroform are limited by a low-paying career in public education. (If anyone considers that statement to be a legitimate threat of violence, calm down. It’s a literary device, nothing more. That I must point that out is beyond sad.) (more…)