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  1. WWE Superstars

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    Hey, everybody.  This week’s episode of Superstars was fairly entertaining.  It at least furthered some storylines.

    Match 1: Carlito vs Primo

    Throughout the match, Carlito looked really apprehensive about apply any offense to his brother.  The end of the match saw Carlito grab a mic and tell Primo to quit wasting his career and rejoin with him.  Now the Colon’s are back together as a tag team contender and this match has no ending.

    Match 2: Chavo Guerrero vs Chris Masters

    This was the typical Superstars match-up that we normally get.  Two guys that have no real direction and are thus thrown into a random match.  Masters gets the win with the Masterlock after countering the Three Amigos.

    Backstage Segment:

    Michelle McCool and Layla walk into Kelly Kelly’s locker room and tell her she stinks, then try to hold her down for Vickie Guerrero to spray her with deodorant.  Beth Phoenix and Tiffany walk in and break it up.

    Main Event:  Shad Gaspard vs JTG

    This match was a good Superstars main event because it was a rematch from the Extreme Rules PPV.  Shad gets the win with the STO after blocking a Shout Out.  This fued is dying out now, especially considering they put it on Superstars.  We shall have to wait and see where these two go after this.

    That’s it for this week.  Check back in again next week for another Superstars.