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  1. ECW on SciFi results – 11/25/08

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    I’m out of it tonight, so here are the results of ECW on SciFi, courtesy of Rajah.com

    * Jack Swagger b. Tommy Dreamer
    – The match starts out in the ring but Jack brings in kendo sticks, chairs, and other weapons. He attempts a submission move on Dreamer with a chair. The match goes back and forth until Dreamer brings in a table. Jack uses it against him slamming him through it. He gets the win via pinfall.

    * The Miz & John Morrison are shown on the screen talking about Survivor Series. The Boogeyman appears and scares them away.

    * DJ Gabriel b. A Local Jobber
    – Gabriel got the win via a second-rope shoulder block.

    * Finlay vs. Mark Henry
    – The match ends in disqualification after a brawl takes place on the outside.