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  1. PatMan Picks Stampede Classics. Chris Benoit vs B.G Holliday

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    Welcome back to another classic encounter in Calgary’s rich past. This time around we will take a look at a young “cocky” wrestler by the name of B.G. Holliday as he takes on a young Chris Benoit. Holliday never became an international super star like Benoit did, he would never become multi time world champion in the major federations. However, he was a  talented grappler and had one important thing that many of the famous wrestler’s lacked in this promotion. He had absolutely great mic skills, he had the gift of gab. While legends such as Bret Hart, Chris Benoit & The Dynamite Kid may have been some of the greatest technical wrestlers of all time, most Stampede stars were not great on the microphone, especially early in their careers. And this is where  Holliday really shined. His mic skills, even at this early stage of his young wrestling career, were some of the best in the territory and he reminded me very much of Chris Jericho in both his wrestling and his mic skills. A cocky Jonathan Holliday quickly became “the man that fans loved to hate” in the territory. Interestingly, Holliday was involved in some of the “darker moments” of Stampedes history. This was a time when the promotions business side became less well run by its promoters and as a result wrestlers were leaving for bigger organizations with bigger wallets. There is a story that the Dynamite Kid, after returning from the WWF injured, broken and addicted to drugs,became  jealous of Holliday’s quick success in Calgary, wanted to run him out of town and bad mouth him in the industry. If this famous story was an exaggeration of real events I can not tell you, however there are great stories of a back ally fight in Calgary on electric avenue between the former British Bulldog and Holiday over drugs, jealousy, and pay days that needed to be settled. Other events are rumored to have taken place between the two, but as they are both unconfirmed and very illegal, I shall not get into them. Just realise that both men left Canada soon after, and it was not because they didn’t like the cold weather! Enjoy the match and I will return with another “ring- a ding-dong -dandy” next week!
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  2. PatMan Picks Stampede Wrestling Classics. Davey Boy Smith vs. Dynamite Kid.

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    Its time once again to travel back into Calgary’s rich wrestling past for some classic Stampede action. This time around I have a match showcasing the members of my favorite tag team of all time, the famous British Bulldogs. Or should I say future favorite tag team of all time. The catch is, this match takes place well before they ever teamed together, left for the WWF to became world champions, dominated in Japan and then returned back to Calgary once again. As a matter of fact , as you will soon see, Davey boy Smith is VERY young and practically unrecognizable when compared to his much more muscular, future Bulldog self.  It is very evident that both of these yet to be world famous British Bulldogs are clearly not spending the same time working out in the gym and are not “into the juice” at this point in their careers. This is a great match for the Stampede mid-heavyweight title , held by the” heel ” Dynamite Kid as he defends against a very popular new ” face”, young Smith. As usual the crowd is very into the match, and also as usual in Stampede Wrestling the referee acts both  idiotic and blind, driving the crowd nuts with his final decision. Worth noting this time around is the post match interviews with both future Bulldogs. This is where you will really see how young these future legends both were at this time and also how much time they must have spent in the gym soon after! Enjoy this classic encounter that took place in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and I will see you for another ” Ring -A- Ding- Dong- Dandy” next time. Dont forget to check out www.wonderpodonline.com for more “PatMan picks” , also episode 84 of our video game podcast and much more!

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  3. PatMan Picks Stampede Wrestling Classics. Davey Boy Smith VS Bret Hart.

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     Its that time again people, its time for some classic wrestling action. Welcome to another journey back in time as we explore Stampede Wrestlings great historic past. This time around lets watch a very good match between 2 former wrestlers from the Calgary promotion who were actually WWF employees at the time battling it out for the world tag team titles on the biggest stage of them all. However, in between their feud in the WWF, both men took time to return to their roots and lace up the boots in a Stampede Wrestling ring once again. Those 2 men were one half of the Hart foundation, Bret Hart, and his brother in law Davey Boy Smith who was of course one half of the British Bulldogs. Bret played the “Heel” in this classic encounter as Davey boy played the “Face” but lets face it, the crowd in Calgary loved both of these alumni. Worth noting is the appearance of the Dynamite Kid near the end of the video and of course and as always the classic commentary of Ed Whalen. Enjoy this great match and I will see you on the next episode of PatMan picks next time!

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  4. PatMan Picks Stampede Wrestling Classics. The British Bulldogs vs Cuban Commandos.

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    I loved watching tag team wrestling as a kid as there were some amazing and entertaining tag teams in many territories. Teams like the Road Warriors, Can Am connection, Killer Bees, Nikolai Volkoff & The Iron Sheik and the Hart Foundation top my list of top tag teams from the past. However one tag team sits above them all, even the mighty Road Warriors, as my personal all time favorite team. That team is the British Bulldogs. By the time the British Bulldogs reached the WWF they had already competed along side and often against each other many times in classic Stamped Wrestlings encounters. While their popularity (and bodies) grew bigger and bigger in the WWF, I already had a strong admiration for them and knew just how talented they were. After an exciting title run in the WWF only to lose the titles ironically to yet another Stampede Wrestling alumni tag team by the name of the The Hart Foundation, Davey Boy and Dynamite soon went to Japan for a successful tour of the orient and finally returned, full circle, back to Stampede Wrestling. By this time the combination of steroid abuse and brutal back injuries were really taking a lot out of the Dynamite Kid both inside and outside the ring. The British Bulldogs days as a team were numbered. Davey Boy would soon embark on a successful singles career returning to the WWF, WCW and even back in Stampede upon occasion. Lets look at one of the last matches for this legendary tag team as they compete for the Stampede Tag Team belts held by the evil and chronically cheating Cuban Commandos! Its a ring-a-ding-dong-dandy! See you next week,. But,in the mean time and in between time, check out Wonderpod videogame podcast on itunes and also some of the other stuff I do over at www.wonderpodonline.com !

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  5. PatMan Picks Stampede Wrestling Classics. Chris Benoit vs Great Gama Title Match!

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    Its time once again for another old school classic Stampede Wrestling moment from the PatMan. This time around I am including one of Stampede Wrestlings most talented wrestlers who, like many others, went on to enjoy great Success in the WCW ,WWE and Japan.  Unfortunately, his story did not end with success but rather with horror and shocking acts of brutal crime that I need not remind any of you about. Yes, of course, I am referring to Chris Benoit. Lets look away from his horrific end to life and temporarily concentrate on him at a much younger age where his wrestling was all that mattered. Chris Benoits in ring abilities were very impressive right from the get go, and his obsession with emulating his icon The Dynamite Kid are visible in many of his earlier matches. I have for you today what could very well be Chris Benoits first chance at the taste of a championship belt. His opponent was a very talented grappler by the name of The Great Gama, the mid heavyweight champion and a much more experienced wrestler than young Chris was at the time.  Worth noting in the video is the appearance of Davey Boy Smiths “evil cousin” Jonny Smith who is up to his usual heel antics. Also worth noting later in the video is an in ring interview where another young wrestler destined for success, Flying Brian Pillman , can be quickly seen several times to the left of Chris Benoit. Our very own Audio Master G ,who was actually body slammed by Chris Benoit onto a couch in his childhood back in Calgary may be interested in this classic match as he is the only person I know who took some bumps form him. Maybe he could have given the Great Gama a few tips? If you don’t know that G had encounters with Chris Benoit & Bad News Brown while I took an accidental hit from The British Bulldog & encountered an angry Bret Hart at Safeway, you clearly must download our Stampede Wrestling podcast, found at both Wonderpodonline.com and right here at  BoredWrestlingFan.com ! You can check out my Classic PC Game Picks & Wonderpod video game podcast episode 70 over at Wonderpodonline.com also, if your interested! See you all next time.


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