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  1. BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 122

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    Hockey Time!

    Hockey Time!

    It may be Easter, but that doesn’t mean the BoredWrestlingFan Radio Crew didn’t get together to talk about this wacky world of professional wrestling.  This week, Joe, JT, G, Jorge, and Mark talk briefly about RAW and SmackDown, then get into a discussion about the state of tag team wrestling as Joe recounts a conversation he had with G earlier in the week regarding NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension.  We talk in depth about the current state of TNA before getting into a discussion about merchandising in wrestling.  The Divas division is talked about.  The ability for Adam Rose to have longevity as a character is discussed.  In the news, DirecTV drops WWE PPV.  Warrior’s cause of death is revealed.  News on Jeff Jarrett, Brutus Beefcake, Sting, and many, many more – plus, you won’t believe who is on the payroll as a consultant for TNA.  All this and more on BWF Radio!

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 122 (MP3, 2:22:06)


    This week’s break songs were “Smoke Two Joints” by Sublime (buy it here) and “I Wanna Get High” by Cypress Hill (buy it here).

  2. BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 68

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    It’s a special shortened edition of BoredWrestlingFan Radio for Easter!  The Cleveland Browns TE Gary Barnidge returns to the show, as does Lost Elisyum guitarist Brian Lee Muller.  We give our WrestleMania predictions a week early, with some surprising results.

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 68 (MP3, 1:32:41)

    It has been brought to my attention that the audio file at the above link cuts out at 1:14:20.  The last 20 minutes of this episode have been posted at the following link.
    Click here for the rest of the show