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  1. Late Edition: TNA Impact A Thankgiving Episode

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    After being comatose on Turkey and such, I go into IMPACT Wrestling with a heavy stomach and an even heavier heart. The show starts off with the replay of James Storm’s attack. And his subsequent search for the culprit and his reveal as Kurt Angle.  Well the show actually begins with Angle coming to the ring to what may be actual boos and not piped in heat. He cuts a promo. This of course prompts James Storm to come out and say his piece. The promo was decent Storm looked to be stumbling over some words but he presented his point. This of course leads to Storm having enough talking and now wants to fight. Which prompts heel Angle to put on the brakes and all he wants to do  is talk like a gentlemen. But if it’s a fight Storm wants he gladly provides it with Immortal w/ Daniels.

    Bully Ray, Jeff Jarrett w/ Daniels to be exact. Angle taunts Storm who proceeds to punch Kurt in the face before rolling out of the ring before anyone can touch him. Shortly after Fourtune runs out w/ Mr. Anderson and RVD. More precisely its AJ Styles, Anderson and RVD. Brawl ensues. Storm comes back in and fights Angle.  After a lengthy brawl Immortal actually retreats with Bully Ray leading the charge. Tenay announces a 8 man, 2 team elimination match main event. Team Angle vs Team Storm. And no neither Storm or Angle are wrestling due to injury so the other two men are Jeff Hardy for Team Storm and World Champion Bobby Roode for Team Angle.

    Rudy Charles and Eric Young come to the Zone with a cooler. EY asks Charles to unveil the annual Turkey Suit.

    Replay of Sting making Matt Morgan and Crimson into a tag team, and there win against Mexican America. What could this mean?

    Rematch of last weeks match. Next up Morgan/Crimson (C) vs Mexican America for the TNA Tag Titles.

    * To cut it short here,  Anarquia in similar fashion to last week is beat like a red headed step child. To the point that Hernandez is never brought into the match. And is double choke slammed for the 1,2,3. Crimson and Morgan retain.

    Backstage EY, Rudy Charles have a confrontation with Robbie E and Rob T about a match up for who wears the turkey suit. If Robbie E refuses he will be stripped of the Television title. After Robbie E and Rob T storm off, Eric Young reveals to Senior Official Rudy Charles that he made the Sting/ title stripping up.

    Karen and Traci march their way to the ring.

    The Terrible 4 (sorry Traci but…) make their way to the ring. Karen, Gail, Madison and aforementioned Traci. Karen calls out all the knockouts minus Mickie, Sarita, Rosita (since the two latinas do not exist on the roster. besides being valets) and Toxxin (because….) So basically Tara, Tessmacher, Velvet, Winter and Love. She bashes male viewers for being disgusting and that because of that there will be a knockout lingerie match. The funniest part was when she was down talking the five women for pretending to be wrestlers she was looking dead at Tara, their faces were an inch apart. Later on in the back Velvet, Tara and Tessmacher with interviewer Christy Hemme are gripping about how they thought this was a different company where athleticism mattered over showing skin. And that folks is where Pintnoir goes in to rant mode.

    These five women are flabbergasted that they have to wrestle in a lingerie match, citing without calling out WWE about mistreatment. The women in question are Tessmacher who is a former or current Hooters girl, Velvet who along with Love would come to the ring in basically a bra and panties  and Tara who just 3 three weeks ago was going all faux lesbian with Tessmacher. Don’t get me wrong about how TNA handled this their heavy handed way of telling the fans that because we wanted to see skin you will get it but we will also chastise you for making this happen because of tweets, emails and what not. Bullshi….. they have just realized that these five women do not have anything really to do.

    End rant.

    Now the match has been changed to a Thanksgiving Thong Thunder match. And will be added to TNA tradition right next to the turkey suit match.

    Rant. no energy left.

    Long story short it becomes a pose off between Velvet, Tara and Tessmacher (faces) against Madison, Winter and Love (heels). The pose off last for a few minutes before the heels attack from behind. (also noted even with less clothes on Madison still draws no reaction.) During the ruckus Earl Hebner looks as lost as Hugh Hefner at a women rights rally. Madison eventually goes for the title belt to use on Velvet when Earl is distracted, Mickie comes out takes the belt guillotines Rayne on the top rope which leads her over for the facebuster giving Velvet the win.

    Backstage Karen yells at the six women for wearing too much clothes and promises next week to supply the lingerie herself.

    Jeff Hardy comes out with wearing a hoodie and a mask. He enters the ring and grabs a microphone only for it to be revealed as Jeff Jarrett. Hardy comes out and attacks Jarrett after he cuts a promo on how Hardy is a degenerate. Immortal comes out and beats on Hardy before Fortune comes to clear the ring.  But before it ends Jarrett throws Hardy against the steel steps injuring him.

    The Turkey suit match commences. After introductions, Robbie E attacks EY outside the ring and even beats up on the suit for cheap laughs. EY eventually gets the upper hand until Rob T hands Robbie a spool kite handle???? which he uses to smack EY in the face for the win. When Rudy Charles counts the three and raises Robbie’s hand revealing the weapon the match is restarted. After a spiked piledriver Eric Young wins but Robbie E is out could so Rob T has to wear the costume  he is so enraged he chases Eric out of the ring.

    8 Man Elimination Match is next.

    Brief walks with both teams talking strategy. Roode enters after everyone else with the belt. Talks on commentary for a while while the two teams fight minus him and Hardy who is kayfabed injured. Eventually he comes to the ring when Anderson is down and gets the pin. He wrestles Styles only to get himself disqualified. Daniels rolls up RVD. This of course leaves AJ by himself against Jarret, Ray and Daniels he soon gets the upper hand leaving all four men laid out. Hardy’s music hits and he comes to the ring tags Styles and systematically eliminates Daniels and Jarret before being stopped by Ray with a boot to the face. He kicks out after 2 tags in AJ who goes for a spring board clothesline for the three. Roode sneak attacks both Jeff and AJ, standing over Styles with the belt with the movie music playing in the background.

    For what it was it was decent nothing new just an episode for fans to have something to watch while they digest. —pintnoir out.