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  1. Mat Musings


    Mat Musings” was a column idea I came up with a long, long time ago which basically involved me waxing lyrical about a bunch of subjects/news stories currently ripe within the pro wrestling world. Basically, we take a headline and then yours truly gives his take on that particular topic. It’s simple but really seems to be effective and is a column-type which I’ve always really enjoyed doing. Now I’m not claiming that it’s the most original conception ever conceptualized, but it has proved to be one which sparks debate amongst the wrestling fan base. With that said, on with the topics!

    • WWE Has WCW-Themed DVD Projects In The Works..

    Having been a huge fan of the original “World Championship Wrestling” promotion, this headline really caught my eye. I actually have plans to do an entire article dedicated to the company and maybe even bust out some old ones from my growing library of wrestling article work. Look out for those!

    The story basically runs that WWE are planning to release a DVD-set based on the popular “Monday Nitro!” TV show, similar to the 3-disc set they recently brought out for “Monday Night RAW”. It would document the first few years of the shows history (which arguably is the only few years worth watching!). Also hot off the press is that there is a DVD ready to be put together which would be a biography of one Bill Goldberg.

    This is exciting news, certainly to a WCW fan such as I. I’m very sure both these DVD’s would sell pretty heavily, although perhaps not among the younger market of fans currently tuning into RAW and Smackdown. It’s long baffled me however, as to why WWE do not capitalise more on all that video footage they have for the Atlanta-based promotion. Sure, I’m not forgetting the “Rise & Fall of WCW” video they put out not so long ago, not the various DVD’s chronicling “The Four Horsemen” and the like.

    Where I’m coming from more here is all those Pay-Per-Views they just have laying around. Surely it would be worth Vince McMahon’s time to pair these broadcasts up and release them under the “Tagged Classics” banner, just like WWE have done with events from their own history. I for one have long-awaited such a move and they’d definitely pry some money from my wallet! Many newer wrestling fans might not be so interested but it’d be worth the effort in order to make some dollars off all that old footage, much of which is highly significant to the annals of wrestling time.

    There is of course the theory which has been reported as fact; that Vinnie Mac just wants the entire WCW thing to go away, which is exactly why he bought it and effectively buried it during the ill-fated “Invasion” angle. It’s merely my opinion but I’d be willing to say that McMahon is a trifle more intelligent than that. As an obviously shrewd business-man, he couldn’t fail to see the appeal these DVD’s would have to many a wrestling fan across the globe. Even some folks who may not tune into the product anymore could be caught, willing to part with the cash to relive fond memories from yesteryear.

    Another idea, as an extension of this, may be to package a classic WCW event with a compilation of newer WWE matches, highlighting the superstars of today and attempting to draw those fans who have “left it all behind” back into being paying customers. Just a thought.

    • MVP Feels Disgruntled At Current Positioning Within WWE..

    Let’s face it, the poor guy SHOULD feel a little aggrieved at how things have panned out for him in the past 2 years or so. Once a sure-fire bet to be one of the next headlining atop WWE cards, Mr. Porter now finds himself filling air-time on “WWE Superstars” and without a meaningful story arc to sink his teeth into.

    It’s pretty difficult to make guesses as to where it’s all went wrong for the “Ballin’” grappler without having actually been backstage at a number of WWE events or pulling up a chair at one of the bosses production meetings/creative sessions. None of us really know what might have went on between MVP and WWE management which has left his career going cold. On the flipside, nothing at all could have happened. Management may have simply lost interest in the character or are biding their time with the man until they have something worthwhile for him to be involved in.

    For most of us fans, it’s pretty darn clear-cut where it all turned sour in this particular wrestlers career; a frostily received babyface turn.

    Sometimes it really does seem as though those and such as those in charge of writing the shows and making creative decisions just…get bored and decide to throw some changes out there without any real rhyme or reason. One example could be the sudden split of the popular brothers Colon, Carlito and Primo. This can be directly linked to their rapid descent down the cards into near-obscurity and also perhaps the parting between Carlito and his WWE contract. The MVP situation seems to be pretty much the same deal. A random change just for the sake of it, one which hasn’t really been planned out all that well with any clear vision as to why in the name of jebus we’re now supposed to be cheering a dude who’s claimed for many a year that he’s better than all of us, in character of course.

    It’s as definite as day turns to night that everything I say here is simply speculation. I have no idea whatsoever the reasoning for MVP no longer being a focal point of WWE TV. As I also said before, there may not really be any real reason at all. One thing I do believe however is that his career and gimmick could still be rescued by a return to the heel kingdom. It just makes sense that a character such as his should be on the bad side of the fence.

    It’s nothing more than my own idea (although I’m sure more than a few of you have had the same thoughts before) but the guy could be catapulted right back into the upper-card mix if he were to appear before us on RAW and decry the audience, blaming them for distracting him from his true potential and almost ruining his career by having him put more effort into entertaining them than winning matches and titles. Thus, MVP would be disowning the “WWE Universe” and getting an edge back into his disposition. Immediately, I feel WWE would have a hungry performer again. One who would be motivated to bust his ass both on the mic and in the ring, which can only be good for the product. One thing’s for sure, there is a hell of a lot of talent going to waste as we speak if MVP is kept as this ‘opening match relief’ like he is right now. He could be a major player within the company, no doubts.

    I hope you enjoyed what’s going on in my head regarding the above subjects and the “Mat Musings” concept in general. Feel free to add your own viewpoints below as all your comments are surely as important as mine, maybe even more so! I’d love to hear some more opinions on these topics as that’s what being a wrestling fan is all about – mixing with other fans and debating till the cows come home! You can also send correspondence to my email at – jamiekennedy@live.com

    I look forward to hearing from you and have a great week! TAKE IT HOME!

  2. ThinkSoJoE’s Thoughts episode 4

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    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Wrestling was actually very highly rated and the WWE, then known as the WWF, had real competition.  But that was 1997.  Whatever, lets get started.

    You may have noticed I’m running a little late this week – and have yet to post a SmackDown review as well.  Well, I spent my Friday at an amusement park, followed by catching No Doubt on their reunion tour (which was a lot of fun), and of course forgot to set my DVR for my usual Friday fodder, SmackDown on MyTV, and Don’t Forget The Lyrics on FOX.  Unlike DFTL, however, SmackDown doesn’t have a replay shown the next day on the Fox Reality Channel.  I’ll get around to watching SmackDown one way or another and I’ll make sure to get a review up, but I at least wanted to get this week’s ThinkSoJoE’s Thoughts in, since I didn’t feel like it at all yesterday.

    Japanese wrestling legend Mitsuharu Misawa passed away just after last week’s column went up, and the word was that he’d had a heart attack right there in the ring.  Word is, that’s not the case, and that the botched backdrop he took just before his death caused a spinal injury which led to his death.  Whatever the case, it was nice to see CM Punk pay tribute to him the next night on RAW.

    Speaking of Punk, he’s really coming across great on the mic every time I hear him speak lately.  I think he may also have more clean wins in title defenses in the past week than he had through his entire first run as World Heavyweight Champion.  Hell, I think Rey Mysterio had more clean wins as World Heavyweight Champion than Punk did his first time around.

    Oh, and Rey?  Just because most of your fan base wasn’t around when you lost your mask in WCW doesn’t mean the rest of us haven’t forgotten.  Forget about the damned mask and maybe you’ll actually be able to beat Jericho, who outsmarted you at Extreme Rules and on RAW this past Monday.

    Ah, RAW this past Monday.  WWE and GE (the parent company of the USA Network) are apparently in trouble over it.  I guess the Securities and Exchange Commission doesn’t like it when you put out press releases touting that you’ve sold off a major brand of a publicly traded company when it’s really just a television storyline.  Who knew?

    Also, who knows where Finlay stands at the moment?  Finlay is a tweener, kids.  That means that he’s not a good guy, but he’s not quite a bad guy.  Let  him bash everybody’s skulls in with the shileighleigh for all I care, as long as he’s not dancing around the ring with Hornswoggle.

    I’d hate to say it, but Tommy Dreamer needs to drop the ECW title, and quickly.  The match he had with Christian on RAW revealed to me that Dreamer has lost a few steps since his original ECW days.

    So Zack Ryder’s finisher is now called the Zack Attack?  I’m with tharvey1 on this, his theme needs to be “Friends Forever.”  I hear Zack Morris is still playing gigs.

    “This is Your Life, Rock” it was not.  TNA iMPACT’s opening segment had neither The Rock nor Yurple The Clown.  It did have Samoa Joe punching Kurt Angle in the face though, that was nice.

    So was James Storm’s promo.  An interview segment with Raven and Storm both involved would the be the greatest thing in the history of things.

    Candice Michelle and Sim Snuka were both released from their WWE contracts earlier this week.  I’d actually forgotten that Snuka was still on the roster.  Congrats to Drowgoddess who was in attendance for his final on-camera WWE appearance as the guy who may or may not have screwed up a spot involving The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 25.  The Divas can all rejoice that there’s one less accident prone Diva on the roster to accidentally injure them.

    Interesting note, I played 1 vs. 100 on Xbox LIVE earlier tonight, and one of the questions was “Who beat Randy Orton in a steel cage match in June 2009 to win the WWE Championship?”  Surprisingly, neither “the one,” nor any of the 5 people remaining in “the mob” got the question wrong.  In fact, host Chris Cashman pointed out after “the one” got the next question wrong that she knew her WWE Trivia.

    Well folks, that’s it for me, unless I wanted to step on JT’s toes and turn this into a Random Randomness knockoff, which I don’t.  I’ve got no predictions for Slammiversary, other than Daniels beating Douglas, simply because I’ve really stopped watching the show for anything other than Raven, Daffney, and Dr. Stevie.  Goodnight folks!

  3. Bored Wrestling Fan turns 1!


    It’s been a year already?  Normally after a year, I get bored with websites I create and they sit around with no updates – case in point.  BoredWrestlingFan.com is different.  After a year, BWF still updates nearly every day, sometimes several times a day.  Our fan base continues to grow, and so does our site.

    A big thank you to JT (who was the only person to have seen the BWF prototype besides myself), Drowgoddess (who is now the Executive Shareholder of BWF – she paid the 10 bucks to renew the domain), Legend Killer, and tharvey1.  I couldn’t do this without you guys.  A thank you to Vincent Kennedy McMahon, whose World Wrestling Federation got me into professional wrestling at a young age.  Thank you to Ted Turner and Eric Bischoff for revitalizing wrestling in the ’90s.  Thank you to Jeff Jarrett and Dixie Carter for kinda sorta keeping Vince on his toes.  And mostly, thank you to all of the BWF readers for keeping us going when the shows start to suck (I’m looking at you, RAW).

    Here’s to another great year of growth for BoredWrestlingFan!