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  1. Smackdown 06/29/12: MitB Qualifiers Begin!

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    Well, the description of tonight’s episode is “examining John Cena’s role on next week’s Great American Bash.” That’s right, next week is the GAB PPV converted into what appears to be Smackdown (not RAW? Really?). Whatever, I’m already distracted enough by other stuff tonight, so maybe this will make it easier to digest this show? Let’s get to steppin’ and see what happens, shall we?

    Note from G: Don’t let my sarcastic cynicism fool you, this was a pretty solid episode.


  2. The War on… 2009

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    Welcome to the War for another week.

    There is no column for week, so this is the last time you will hear from me in 2009.

    This piece would be a.. best of, so to speak. A year in review, if you will. However, with my new year’s plans, becoming reality in… 11 hours from now, and with preparation and packing underway as I type, I just don’t have the time, to write a massive piece.

    However, and this I promise, the first column, typed from my fingers, thought of from my mind, will be right here, at BoredWrestlingFan.com, that I will guarantee.

    Now, I leave you with the thought, that if Brett Favre didn’t exist. I would be odds-on to win my NFL Fantasy League. However, I’m now playing for third place.

    Peace out my peeps, see you in 2010.

  3. New site launches; Who is Paint Fingers?; and More!

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    Greetings, fellow Bored Wrestling Fans!  I’m happy to announce that as of yesterday, March 16, we’ve launched our second professional wrestling related site,  Vince Russo Watches His Beard Grow.  The name was inspired by a throwaway joke in the March 6th “induction” at WrestleCrap.com, and the site aims to offer a unique brand of sports entertainment satire.  The site will feature articles from writer Sabufan, as well as  appearances by the usual BoredWrestlingFan.com cast.

    UPDATE: The first article from Sabufan is now live!  Click here to go directly to the article!

    Speaking of the BoredWrestlingFan.com cast, you may have noticed that yesterday’s RAW review was written by a mysterious new writer going by the name “Paint Fingers.”  Paint Fingers is an artist from Buffalo, NY who has been a wrestling fan for most of her life.  She also happens to by my girlfriend.  So why the name “Paint Fingers?”  She was painting just before I signed her up to write, and her hands were covered in paint, so that was the name she picked.  Hope you guys enjoyed her review of the show!

    We may be adding a new weekly article to our regular rotation, but I will have more on that when I confirm the details.

    On a final note, our friend RD Lee has asked that we help bring the classic arcade game WWF WrestleFest to the Xbox Live Arcade.  How can we do that, you ask?  Simple – sign the petition over at BringBackWrestleFest.com!