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  1. BWF fires up the VCR: WrestleMania X


    I’m not really going to go too far in depth about WrestleMania X here.  You all know what happened, I don’t need to tell you.  It just so happened that we broke out the old video tape, and it has the WrestleMania X pre-show!  That could be an article all it’s own, but I’ll save the entire thing for the folks at WrestleCrap.  I’d just like to point out though, that the pre-show featured such legendary WWE announcers as Todd Pettengill and Johnny Polo interviewing such superstars as Diesel and Double J.  Yup.

    In any event, the real reason I’m posting this article is a discussion we just had.  When we were little and couldn’t afford Pay Per Views, we used to be able to flip to the PPV channel on our televisions and listen to the events with scrambled video.  We’re just curious – how many of you have done that too?

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