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  1. BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 88

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    Wink. Crotch Grab. Powerbomb.

    The Joe’s RAW review/G’s SmackDown review rivalry becomes a triple threat as Mark presents his Impact review!  Stump JT returns, as does wrestling trivia.  Jorge gets happy for Brooke Tessmacher.  Sami Zayn and Antonio Cesaro get high praise for their 2/3 falls match from those on the crew who have seen it.  In the news, Goldberg throws out the first pitch at a Marlins game, spears some poor schmuck, and gives a response to rumors that he’ll face Ryback at WrestleMania 30.  The debate about whether or not the WWE has plugged the leak that has allowed Dolphins1925 to know the results of every WWE PPV in advance continues.  What does a blue dot, a rapist, and Christian all have in common?  A former WWE writer reveals the answer.  Could AJ Styles be a free agent soon?  What REALLY caused Alberto Del Rio’s black eye?  Will Tara EVER return to TNA?  All these questions are answered in the news segment on today’s show.  All this, and all the great “cock talk” you’d come to expect from BWF Radio!  Tune in!

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 88 (MP3, 2:23:41)

    Our break song this week was “Everyone I Love Is Dead” by Type O Negative.  Buy it here!

  2. BWF Interview: Michael Hutter (a/k/a Derrick Bateman)

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    Dun dun duuuuuuunnnnnn

    Hold on to your flagpoles, BoredWrestlingFan presents an interview with former WWE NXT star Derrick Bateman, now going by his real name, Michael Hutter.  In the interview, Michael talks about his WWE release, what he’s doing now, and how it all began.  “The USA Guy” gimmick that popped up on YouTube is discussed, as well as his stint on the fourth and redemption seasons of NXT.  Also discussed are LeBron James, tear-away tights, and the new YouTube channel featuring Michael, Trent Baretta, Briley Pierce, and Percy Watson, “Funny Don’t Make Money.”  All this and much, much more.  Tune in!

    BWF Interview: Michael Hutter (MP3, 52:56)

  3. Power Poll 7/28/10: Awesome feat

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    Power Poll 7/28/10

    Well, I ignored iMPACT, slept through SmackDown, and wrote off RAW, so I guess that makes me perfectly qualified to vote in this week’s Power Poll.  We have a new number one this week, and he is….

    1. The Miz (3)

    He may still have his Money In The Bank briefcase despite another attempt to cash it in, but The Miz impressed voters enough this week to catapult himself up two spots to number one – because he’s The Miz, and he’s AWESOME!  (My vote:  5)

    2. Randy Orton (4)

    A take no prisoners week for the WWE’s Apex Predator, Orton defeated Jey Uso, RKO’d Sheamus, and then for good measure RKO’d The Miz as well.  (My vote:  1)

    3. Sheamus (2)

    The WWE Champion caught an RKO earlier on in the night, but picked up a tag team victory later in the night when his reluctant partner The Miz pinned John Cena.  (My vote:  3)

    4. Kane (1)

    After RAW dominates the top three, SmackDown’s World Heavyweight Champion, Kane, takes his place on the Power Poll at number four.  A promo to kick off the show and a no-sell of a Mysterio 619 keeps the Big Red World Champion from dropping any further.  (My vote:  4)

    5. Rey Mysterio (8)

    Speaking of Mysterio, he climbs up the Power Poll after a victory over Jack Swagger in a two out of three falls match to become the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam.  (My vote:  NR)

    6. Rob Van Dam (5)

    Despite not doing anything of note (seriously – he’s not even mentioned in Drow’s iMPACT review), Rob Van Dam only drops one spot, and is in fact the only member of the TNA roster to be featured in this week’s poll.  (My vote:  2)

    7. John Cena (6)

    Cena has been strong on the mic the last few weeks, including his show opening promo with Chris Jericho this week on RAW.  Had Jericho not hit him with the Codebreaker and cost him their tag match, the former WWE Champion’s ranking would likely be much higher.  (My vote:  6)

    8. Chris Jericho (10)

    Chris Jericho continues to climb the ranks of the Power Poll this week, having been an awesome foil to John Cena in both the opening segment and the closing matchup of RAW.  (My vote:  7)

    9. Big Show (NR)

    Having fun at the expense of the Straight Edge Society, Big Show unmasked Joey Mercury, and unmasks his ability to be a top 10 player in sports entertainment after a couple weeks off the Poll.  (My vote:  9)

    10. Wade Barrett (7)

    Evan Bourne is not even half the size of Mark Henry, so slamming him to the canvas is not nearly as impressive a feat.  Barrett makes the top ten on the sheer fact that he’s the leader of The Nexus.  (My vote:  10)

    I also voted for: AJ Styles (8)
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