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  1. BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 85

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    This week on BWF Radio, the “Cock Talk” starts early, as Jorge and guest Alice Radley of the RWR podcast are at it before the theme music even hits.  JT returns from vacation (as do JT Hogan and Triple JT, and they brought Vince McJT back with them), while Mark misses this week due to being on holiday.  We discuss all the wrestling television, including Total Divas.  We discuss the varying levels of disappointment in TNA bringing in Tito Ortiz.  In the news, Kurt Angle heads to rehab while BJ Whitmer heads to the hospital.  Randy Orton is punched in the nuts by a South African fan who just plain doesn’t like him.  We hear a possible reason why Paige hasn’t been called up to the WWE main roster.  Why was The Great Muta pictured with Jeff Jarrett earlier this week?  And we all get our wallets out at the prospect of “The Phenom Edition” of WWE 2K14.  All this and much, much more on BoredWrestlingFan Radio.  Tune in!

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 85 (MP3, 2:34:59)

    Alice Radley is the hostess of the great RWR podcast.  Find it on iTunes!

    Our break song this week was “I Am The Black Gold of the Sun” by Rotary Connection.  Buy it here!

  2. BoredWrestlingFan Radio episode 84

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    It’s Tyler Breeze!

    In honor of RAW 1000 being almost a year ago, it’s a three hour edition of BoredWrestlingFan Radio!  Joe, Jorge, G, and Mark get things started off when they’re interrupted by…  Rational Wrestling Review’s Alice Radley?!?  Yes, folks, Alice is back on BoredWrestlingFan!  Yoga pants and all, Alice brings a new perspective to the cock talk we call BWF Radio.  She helps out in the news by reading tweets from Brie Bella, Dixie Carter, and… The Ultimate Warrior?  We feature the best #AskDixie tweets of the week, and find out the whereabouts of Maven, since MavenFan seems to think he was relevant at some point.  We talk about the talented ones out of pairs of brothers that were in WWE/NXT for a period of time, as Joe begs for the release of Bo Dallas (Most people don’t see any upside to BoDallas.  #KnowYourBo).  G barely gets a word in edgewise.  Tune in!

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio episode 84 (MP3, 2:57:34)

    Alice Radley is the hostess of the great RWR podcast.  Find it on iTunes!

    Our break song this week was “The Hop” by A Tribe Called Quest.  Buy it here!

    Buy Mark Noyce’s e-book, “Tulips and Other Stories” on Amazon!

  3. Broken Pencils #2 (x-post).

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    Broken Pencils Episode 2Broken Pencils Logo

    Well after a long wait due to various trips, excursions and umm…jaunts, episode 2 of my Audio Wrestling Sitcom Podcast Radio Play Thingy (that’s the technical term) Broken Pencils is here for your enjoyment.

    It’s a wonderful process making these podcasts. The fact that I can write it, record it and edit it all within 2 days makes the process far more enjoyable.

    The following appears courtesy of http://www.whyalltheanger.co.uk/

    [youtube AW6eKizBLJQ]

    If I had to spend weeks listening to my own voice while editing I think I’d go slowly insane and end up talking in character for the rest of my days. Come to think of it I’m half way there already.

    So if you like it, like it (on YouTube), spread the word and, on a separate note, you might want to subscribe to my RSS feed at the top there. It’ll save you the hassle of having to open your favourites bar and click on my page once a day, those are clicks which you could be using to donate to charity or look at cute videos of kittens and such.

    Written, Edited & Created by Lev Myskin

    Dave…Lev Myskin @WhyAllTheAngerBrian…Colm Ahern @Colm_AhernAllison…Alice Radley @AliceRadley, Intern Joe…@Goftheinternet @Goftheinternet,John Laurinitis…Bad News Ramen @BadNewsRamen

    Music…Peter John Ross of Sonnyboo.com


  4. BWF Radio Episode 58

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    WTF is gravity?

    The BWF Crew are once again joined by Alice Radley from Rational Wrestling Review, and promptly screw up the name of her site.  We talk RAW, SmackDown, Impact, Main Event, Saturday Morning Slam, ECW on TNN, Wrestling Society X, and Shotgun Saturday Night.  Give or take a few.  Then we talk about all the great wrestling news.  We wish Superstar Billy Graham the best as he deals with health issues.  We question when Bully Ray obtained “muscular, tan arms,” find out what magazines Alice compares the Divas and Knockouts to, and much, much more.  Also, how would Jorge comfort an emotional JT?  Tune in and find out!

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 58 (MP3, 2:11:27)

    Our break song was “She Creeps” by Ed Gein.  Buy it here.

  5. BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 48

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    McMahon Campaign

    $97 million well spent?

    Joe, G, JT, and Jorge are joined by Alice Radley of Radley Wrestling Talk on this week’s episode of BWF Radio.  The discussion covers the three main shows of WWE and TNA for the week.  That goes off on a slight tangent as the crew discuss possible ways to put the Attitude back in to WWE, and the ways TNA could possibly compete with the kingpin.  WrestleMania sales are discussed, as over 50,000 tickets have sold thusfar, two of which are in the hands of our fearless leader.  All the great wrestling news is here too, including the whereabouts of Kenny King, the failure of Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign, who exactly told Vince McMahon he’s out of touch with the audience, and much, much more!  Tune in to this super-sized edition of BWF Radio!

    BoredWrestlingFan Radio Episode 48 (MP3, 2:22:24)

    This week’s break song, as selected by our guest Alice Radley, was Te Amo by Atlas Sound.  Buy it here!