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  1. TNA iMPACT results 3/8/10


    I’ve finally gotten a copy of TNA iMPACT from last night.  Sadly, I could’ve gotten a copy of RAW 3 times over before getting this, so maybe next week I’ll cover TNA live and WWE afterward.  Before I begin though, I figured I’d share with you what I just experienced over on another wrestling website.  I actually just had two people try to tell me that WCW went out of business because Ted Turner decided to get out of the wrestling business, that WCW’s ratings were strong and still beating WWE’s when they went out of business, and that television executives didn’t have anything to do with Nitro and Thunder getting canned and the company going out of business.  Kids.  *Shakes head.*

    Anyways, let’s Cross The Line, shall we?


  2. Empire State Wrestling 2/27/10


    The alternate title for this article is “why independent wrestling is better than WWE and TNA.”  I just got back from Empire State Wrestling’s “Reckoning Day” event.  This is my fifth ESW event, and I’ve never been to a bad show.  This one featured a World Tag Team Championship match with the team of Famous – Will “Mastiff” Calrissian and Chris Cooper – defending against Brandon Thurston and Mike Radski, and a Casket Match for the ESW Championship as Kevin Grace defended against Ryot.

    Photos, thoughts, and a half-assed results list, after the jump! (more…)