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  1. RAW Review 7.12.10

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    Hello, everyone!! Tonight’s RAW Review is going to be written similar to last week’s, mainly because it’s easier for me.  I should be able to bounce back next Monday.  Anywho, tonight, Randy faces Edge and John Cena goes one on seven against the Nexus!! What’ll happen!?

    We kick off RAW with a flashback of last week, where John refused to shake Wade Barrett’s hand, and how the RAW GM made the matchup for tonight.  You all remember that, right?  No? Ah, well…  Oh yeah!  I almost forgot RAW had a theme.  We haven’t seen it in a while.  Oh, and the mom from The Brady Bunch is the guest host… Whoever she is… I already forgot her name.  Oh!! It’s a six-on-one handicapped match!!  Thanks to John kicking Darren Young’s ass last week, he can’t compete.  Shame.


    Cena starts by thanking the WWE Universe, then thanks the WWE Superstars who helped him last week.  It was missing a white flash, white lightning, a white kid with red hair.  Sheamus.  Eventually, Sheamus will have to remember that they’re all in this together, but Sheamus will have to realize that Sheamus is not going to be the WWE Champion, because he’s going to lose it to John in the Steel Cage Match.   Insert some Irish jokes, and then how Sheamus became WWE Champion twice.  In a Steel Cage Match, no one can interfere, which is more important.  He gets on a real roll about his match tonight when Nexus comes out, wearing… the most retarded shirts ever.  I’m just sayin’.

    Barrett says that they could go tot he ring and beat the living daylights out of him, but it’d be too easy.  So, they’re going to wait until later on when everyone can watch them.  They can do whatever they want with a clear conscience, because Cena brought it upon himself.  Cena and Barrett are about to start arguing with the GM sends an email: Mr. Cena.  Based upon your blatant disregard for my instructions, if any Superstar gets involved in the match tonight, they will be suspended for 90 days.  Futhermore, the Nexus must tag in and out tonight. If they don’t abide by that rule, they will be suspended for 90 days as well.  Barrett points out that Cena’s going to be in that ring all alone.  Cena says that he may lose, but he’s going to take a few of them down with him tonight.


    @Niki_Sushi  White flash, white lightning, the pale kid with the red hair… Why not Sheamus McDonald? #BWF #RAW

    @TKeep123  Loved Cena calling them “NNNnnnnnnNNN” !! RT @Duce102694: Nexus is out w/ the ugly N Shirt #WWE #Raw

    Eve is ringside and going on commentary for the Diva’s match.

    Diva’s Champion Alicia Fox vs Gail Kim

    Actually not a bad Diva’s match… Would have been better had Alicia actually hit her intended target with her finisher, but whatever.  Eve on commentary was kind of… uninteresting, no matter how much I like Eve.

    Diva’s Champion Alicia Fox wins by pinfall.

    After the match, the RAW GM sends an email.  He said that since Alicia faked an injury last week, Eve gets another chance at the Diva’s Championship this Sunday at Money in the Bank.


    @divadirt  Alicia vs Eve announced for Money in the Bank… TWO Divas matches this Sunday! OMG!

    The Hart Dynasty and Natalya vs The Usos and Tamina in a Six Person Tag Team Match

    During this match, we’re finally told about the guest host, though no one really cares.  Tyson’s getting some good momentum early in, but Tamina shoves his foot off the rope to give…. whichever one it is the advantage.  Sorry, but I didn’t hear the na- Jimmy was the one who got the advantage.  David Hart Smith gets in and snatches the momentum back for the Hart Dynasty.  He went for a cover, but Tamina pulled him off.  Then Natalya got her out of the ring.  The Usos steal the momentum back and take the win.

    The Usos and Tamina win by pinfall!

    Barrett is talking to Chris, thanking him for teaching him.  Chris congratulates him, and then is stopped by Josh, but he walks off.  Nexus then gangs up on Yoshi Tatsu, who stares at David Otunga before Otunga beats him up a little.  Tarver then hits him a few times and gets in his face for no apparent reason.


    @jcenadotcom  Did anyone buy that beatdown by Nexus on Tatsu?

    It’s a new day! It’s a new generation!!

    Maryse and Ted DiBiase make their way out to the ring, and we’re reminded that Maryse helped to distract John Morrison last week so that DiBiase could steal the win.  Ted introduces them as the Million Dollar Couple, then clarifying that he’s referring to himself and the Money in the Bank briefcase.  He tells Maryse to imagine the possibilities after he wins the briefcase: he’ll shower her with gifts and will win the WWE Championship.

    Now listen, this ain’t no make believe!

    John Morrison says that he wouldn’t waste his time showering Maryse with gifts, because everyone knows the French don’t take showers.  Maryse proceeds to say something in French, and Morrison just says OK and translates it as: everyone in the arena has hippo breath and smells like dueling rhinos in the Serengeti plains.  And that Maryse herself resembles a dung chewing platypus.  She goes to slap him, he blocks, and DiBiase attacks Morrison.  DiBiase went for Dream Street, but Morrison countered.  he beats on DiBiase for a minute and then goes for Starship Pain, only for Maryse to pull DiBiase out of the way.


    @TKeep123  OK, I have to admit that Dibiase DID trade UP with Virgil Version 2. #wwe #RAW #BWF

    @kickoutblog   New rule: you can’t hate John Cena for his silly promos and then cheer for John Morrison after that. http://bit.ly/RAW71210

    Oh, God.  We come back for some retarded Brady Bunch sort of segment with Santino and Regal both looking for tag team partners… Santino’s squares are Kozlov, Khali, and Goldust.  Regal’s are Ryder, Primo, and a Doink wannabe.  And there’s the mom from Brady Bunch.  She gives Santino an apple pie (FLORENCE HENDERSON! That’s her name).  Santino makes some dumb joke and canned laughter is given.  She asks if Santino’s team is ready, and he says yes.  More bad jokes and canned laughter, and Regal comes in with the most intelligent comment of the night: I just want to let you know how utterly ridiculous this is.  Regal says that he’d go to her for advice on how to raise six annoying children, and he’d go to the Partridge family for other advice.  She slaps Regal and shoves him out.  Santino goes for a kiss and she stops him, heading out.

    OH YEAH!!! Miz booted Truth out of the Money in the Bank PayPerView!!!  Who’s going to take his place?  We find out tonight!!!  We get a flashback to Wrestlemania 21 in 2005 where Edge won the first ever Money in the Bank match.  And then to ten months later, at Revolution 2006, where Edge cashed it in against John Cena to get the WWE Championship.  Next up, Randy Orton faces Edge!


    @_UncleDave  Whats the purpose of a raw guest host, seriously? Oh yea, to help save a career of a z-list star. #raw

    @dasharpshooters   Edge trying to make Lohan weight? That dude looks bony as hell. #wwe #raw

    You think you know me…

    Edge vs Randy Orton

    I love both Edge and Randy… So I’m seriously hoping this is a great match.  Because I need something to wipe out that damn Brady Bunch segment…  At any rate, Edge gets early momentum, which immediately goes to Randy.  Randy holds tight to that momentum, beating  on Edge before going to the cover, only for Edge to kick out at two.  Randy keeps it for a good while until he throws Edge back into the ring and Edge greets him with a boot to the face.  Edge looked like he was setting up for a spear, then lookled like he was setting up a punt, then just kicked him in the head… went for another, but Randy countered with a scoop slam and started to get the momentum back, but Edge snatched it by throwing Randy between the top and middle ropes.


    (Just ’cause it made me laugh…)
    @ThingsColeSays  BREAKING… WWE has signed Paul Heyman to be the 8th man in the Raw MITB match, just to keep him away from TNA.

    @AustinH_24seven   Randy Orton: 50% tattoos, 50% RAGE #WWE

    We come back, and Randy seems to have gotten some momentum back anyway.  Edge hits him with a drop toe hold though and beats on Randy for a minute before putting him in a head lock.  Randy seemed to be about to go out there, but countered and dropped Edge to the mat.  Randy grabs the momentum back and hits a scoop slam.  The ref tells Randy to get Edge back in the ring, but Edge manages to counter and attacks Randy.  He goes for a cover, but Randy kicks out a two.  Edge sets up for a Spear, but Randy kicks him and goes down, prepping for the RKO.  Edge counters, goes for Spear, Randy jumps over him, covers Edge, Edge kicks out, and Randy hits a back breaker.  Randy drops and starts pounding on the mat only for Jericho to come out and distract Randy.  Edge takes advantage and pins Randy for the win.

    Edge wins va pinfall.

    Jericho climbs into the ring after the match and hits Edge with a Code breaker, Randy hits Jericho with an RKO, and Evan comes out to beat on Randy.  Evan goes for Airbourne, but Randy hits the RKO in mid air.

    Skip Sheffield is walking, and Josh Matthews stops him to talk about Nexus showing up on NXT tomorrow night, asking if they’re going to focus on the pros, rookies, or both.  Morrison gets shoved or something, I missed it, and then Nexus surrounds Morrison.  Morrison attacks, but Nexus gets the upper hand and throws Morrison into some doors.  All of Nexus gangs up on Morrison and throws him into one of those big boxes that the Spirit Squad got thrown into back in the day- Wait, what’s that?  A Glee reference?  Says who?!  Dolph?  Oh, fine.  Anyway, they all stand over him as the camera fades.


    @TKeep123  Evan Bourn will think twice about another run-in on Randy Orton! Pretty amazing! #WWE #RAW

    @Niki_Sushi  When Randy Fucking Orton RKO’s Evan Bourne mid-Air Bourne, you KNOW you’re fucked. #WWE #BWF

    @ChrisC06   I would get beaten up by the Nexus for laughing at David Otunga’s spray-on hairdo. #WWE #Raw

    @shot_of_flair   My entire first page on my twitter feed just proved to me that huge boners were had with the SSP-RKO reversal. #WWE

    @TKeep123  Orton’s RKO on Evan ranks up there with Jericho’s Codebreaker as a counter to both CMPunk & Mysterio coming off the ropes. #wwe #RAW #bwf


    The Miz makes his way to the ring with a mic. My favorite part of the night.  He mentions how everyone is talking about how they’re going to win Money in the Bank.  Well, talk is cheap.  We get a flashback to last week when Miz brutally attacked Truth (Did I say brutally?  I meant beautifully…).  He says that he’s never been more serious in his life.  And he took out Truth with his bare hands, not a ladder.  He didn’t just take away his ability to compete, he took away his ability to play catch with his son, his ability to entertain.  Let’s face it, wherever Truth is, he’s not dancing. This Sunday, when Miz has the ladder in his hands, what he did to Truth will pale in comparison to what he’s going to do to his other opponents.  One down, six to go.  Because he’s The Miz and he just got interrupted by the GM, that bastard!!!  Cole asks if he can have everyone’s attention, and they all scream no.  The GM Says: The Miz will now compete against R-Truth’s replacement.  See, there’s an old saying: Just when you think you have all the answers, I change the questions.

    Somebody’s gonna get their ass kicked… somebody’s gonna get their weave split.

    The United States Champion The Miz vs Mark Henry

    I have to admit, I’m disappointed.  I wish Mark Henry would split Alicia’s weave…  Anyway, Miz goes for Henry pretty enthusiastically, but Henry is having none of it.  Henry goes for outside of the ring, but Miz moves last second only for Henry to run into the podium with the laptop to communicate with the GM of RAW.  Miz throws a basket of some kind on him, then dumps trash all over Mark and throws the trash can at him.


    @dreamsinstatic   R-Truth replaced by the Kool Aid man. Oh YEAH! #WWE

    @Seanfranchise6  RAW MITB Match will be a FAIL cause MIZARK is in it.

    @Niki_Sushi  So…. in a round-about way… did Mark Henry just kill RAW’s GM? #RAW #BWF

    @B_alpha_male   The ‘Worlds strongest man’ just got taken out by rubber trash cans. #WWE #RAW

    Dear God… Alright, now we’re going to see Florence Henderson out here as the Special Guest Ring Announcer.  She says she’s feeling groovy, and NO I AM NOT FEELING GROOVY.

    The Regal Bunch: William Regal, Zack Ryder, Primo, and Doink the Clown vs The Santino Bunch: Santino Marella, Vladimir Kozlov, Goldust, and the Great Khali in an 8-Man Tag Team Match

    Okay, so… Flo stole Regal’s cloak, Santino finally hit the frigging Cobra, and Doink was tagged in.  Doink uses a squirt gun to spray Khali, but Khali didn’t like it much, and pins Doink for the win after a smack to the head.

    The Santino Bunch win via pinfall!

    The music stops and Santino goes over to Flo again, but she ducks under him and goes to Khali.  they kiss, and Santino is heartbroken…  And I just threw up a little in my mouth… Khali picks her up and they kiss more, and I die a little inside….

    @TKeep123  Ok, this Bradey Bunch tag match has potential to be a Royal mess…. Doink? Reminiscent of The Oddities. #wwe #raw #BWF

    @aemckay   Khali, you smoothie. Florence Henderson, you slut. #WWE #RAW

    The Money in the Bank line up: Smackdown: Matt Hardy, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, The Big Show, Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston, Christian, and Kane.  RAW: United States Champion The Miz, Mark Henry, Randy Orton, Edge, John Morrison, Ted DiBiase, Evan Bourne, and Chris Jericho.

    Josh talks to Edge about how psycho Edge basically is.  Edge says that he has a voice that talks to him and what not… I had this part typed out, but my computer decided to delete it.  Evan’s with a trainer, and Sheamus shows up.  He asks if the RKO messed Evan up, and then Nexus shows up.  Sheamus looks nervous and says that Bourne was bragging about how he helped jump them last week.  Insert Nexus beating up Bourne now.  Sheamus kneels next to Bourne and says that that’ll teach him a lesson, won’t it, fella?  Nexus comes back and looks at Sheamus.  They start after Sheamus, but Sheamus runs, and asks where Cena’s locker room is before taking off again.


    @iwcmvp   Josh Matthews is the leader of The Nexus #WWE

    Nexus vs John Cena in a Six-on-One Handicapped Match

    Reminder: If anyone helps Cena, they’re suspended for 90 days.  If Nexus doesn’t tag in and out, then they’re suspended for 90 days.  It starts with Cena tearing Tarver up.  Tarver tags in Justin Gabriel.  Gabriel rolls over to tag in Skip Sheffield after taking a slight beating from Cena.  Cena and Sheffield are having a match of strength before Sheffield shoves Cena into the corner.  Cena manages to wiggle out before Nexus all get out of the ring and huddle up for a minute to rethink their strategy.  The ref is yelling at them to get back up on the apron.  While the ref is distracted, Heath Slater attacks him from behind, and Sheffield beats on Cena., throwing Cena into his corner.  Slater is tagged in, keeping Cena in the corner as Nexus beats up on Cena while Slater distracts the ref.  Slater keeps hitting Cena pretty hard with some suplexes before tagging in David Otunga.  Cena fights back and manages to get some hits in on other members of Nexus before Otunga gets him again, suplexing Cena.  Cena manages to drop Otunga, and then Wade Barrett is tagged in.  It looks like John was saving his energy for Barrett, but Barrett hits Cena with a boot to the face.  He got Cena up in a Fireman’s Carry, but Cena got out, beating on Barrett with some shoulder take downs before hitting the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Barrett.  Sheffiled tags himself in as Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment on Barrett.  Sheffield hits that clothesline, then tags in Otunga.  Otunga hits Cena, then tags in Gabriel, who pulls Cena closer to the corner and hits the 450 Splash, and goes for the cover for the win.

    The Nexus wins via pinfall.

    Nexus celebrates in the ring afterward, and Barrett makes them all back off.  Cena uses Barrett to stand up before punching Barrett and running for a chair.  He takes out Slater and runs into the ring.  Nexus scatters outside of the ring and gets Slater.  Barrett pulls them all back together to strategize, and they surround the ring again.  Cena’s bleeding here, by the way.  Nexus surrounds the ring, but Sheamus comes in with a chair too, losing it in his hurry to beat on Nexus.  Cena and Sheamus clear the ring with their chairs, finally working in unison.

    Not a bad show tonight, overall.  Guys, next week, use the #BWF hashtag in your tweets so that I can put you in the RAW review, alright? Thanks!!