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  1. Regrub’s Match from 8/13/11 – MPX “To Be Kings 2011” Wrestling Event!

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    Out in the Heartlands, there is a different kind of Wrestling going on. It isn’t the fancy, staged kind of wrestling you see on National Television. It is the “Old School” kind of Wrestling! It is Wrestling FROM THE HEART.Heartland Wrestlers fight like they have No Tomorrow! Remember “Andre the Great” and “The Sheik” ? These are the Heroes of Yesteryear. This is how we Fight in the Heartland. This is how we FIGHT at MPX! We are Fighters! We are Spartans!

    My name is Regrub. I challenge my opponents in rings across Texas! I’m not your glossy kind of TV Wrestler. I’m real! I’m tough! I fight in Death Defying Matches! I’m here to report on some my matches:
    Today, I’m writing about: My match from 8/13/11 at MPX Wrestling. The Event was titled “To Be Kings 2011.” We had some amazing wrestlers and matches. I had two matches.

    1st Match:
    We had a Tag match: Luchifer (formerly Lucha Lucha) and Regrub vs James Hawke & Seph.
    Luchifer and I slaughtered them. Seph started off with a cartwheel driver – pump handled move. (his own version) One of the big reasons this was such a challenging match is because Seph and Lucha were once partners. What was to our benefit was that Lucha was able to distract Seph so I could take advantage and take Seph down. In short, I pinned James Hawke and Destroyed him in Seconds!
    Behind the scenes: For those “in the know”, I have to silently admit—there was “cheese” involved! I accidently took out the REF (bumped him). However, we were not without a Good REF for long. Thanks to my good friend – Kyle Valo… he was able to FIND a backup REF — Ryan Gauge. He came in to REF and he officiated well.
    MATCH: ReGrub and Luchifer of Team Kyle Won!
    2nd Match:
    It was sort of an odd pairing. We had Random Tag Partners. The little guy, PAYDAY, had the 350 pound “WASP” as a partner. My tag team partner was Luchifer again. I was really, really disappointed in WASP. He “supposedly” was a member of my team, Team Kyle. All WASP had to do was lay there so I could make the pin fall. Then, as a form of loyalty and partnership, I could help WASP win the MPX champion until further notice.

    But WASP decided to choose his own agenda. He decided he would rather WIN that night… BEAT ME, his Team Member! He was supposed to be a Member of Team Kyle! What a turncoat! He Betrayed our TEAM! Team KYLE.
    I tried to help Team Kyle. I Tried to destroy WASP for betraying us.
    The Damned REF didn’t cooperate. The REF from match 1 came back and took over for the Good Ref, REF Ryan Guage. That hurt us. He was unbelievably UNFAIR! What a turn of events!
    Luchifer and I continued as hard as we could. We tried so hard to destroy WASP. However, WASP managed to tag PAYDAY. I did manage to tag Luchifer before tagging myself back in.
    However, in the end, PAYDAY slipped out of my hands (he must have rubbed some type of oil on himself) while WASP made the attack against me – AT THE SAME TIME! Ultimately, PAYDAY pinned me with WASP’s help. Even my friend Luchifer couldn’t help.
    MATCH: The Traitor WASP & PAYDAY deceivingly WON!
    But don’t worry, REGRUB will find a way to Avenge!!! Heh! Heh! Heh!

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