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    Hello, fellow Bored Wrestling Fans!  It’s been a couple of months since I’ve done anything here on the site aside from the weekly Power Polls put on by Jason Mann of WrestlePerspective, so I thought with JT away, I’d jump in this week and ramble on with a rare “ThinkSoJoE’s Thoughts” column!  And what better week to return than the weekend following TNA’s HardCORE Justice PPV and “Whole F’N Show” free-per-view on Spike?

    I actually planned on ordering HardCORE Justice last Sunday, but I woke up around 8:07 and figured it was pointless by then to spend the 30 bucks on the show.  I promised myself I wouldn’t read any spoilers before I actually got to watch it, and damn, that would’ve been $30 well spent.  Nearly every match had a purpose, settling feuds from back in the original ECW, and the last minute Main Event change to RVD/Sabu was a great move IMO.  The only other person on the show that could’ve filled the void left by Jerry Lynn’s absence would have been Rhino, in a storyline sense anyway, but there was so much history between RVD and Sabu that it really was the best choice.

    The only BWF stuff I did for RAW was a quick tweet asking folks to use our #BWF hashtag to help AlyKat notice them for her review.  I watched the show as a fan, but I knew damn well that it was going to suck in comparison to the PPV I watched the night before.  I was right.  It’s not that RAW sucked in comparison to other recent RAWs, it’s that it happened to be on during a week where it would have had to outshine some of the best RAWs of all time to even compete with what TNA was putting on.  Look, I’m not one of those guys that floods the comment boards on other sites with anti-WWE stuff or pro-TNA stuff.  Typically, I’m a WWE supporter no matter what, but TNA just had the better wrestling this week.

    I haven’t watched any of NXT Season 2 aside from the one where The Nexus were on.  I just don’t care.  JT can vote for Kaval all he wants, I’m just bored with the whole NXT deal.

    And then there was Thursday.  TNA promised us a PPV style show on free TV, and that’s what they delivered.  Every match was amazing, and Shannon Moore proved that he can hang with a main eventer in his match with Jeff Hardy, but from a wrestling standpoint you have to give it up for Beer Money and The Motor City Machine Guns, and from a hardcore standpoint, RVD and Abyss.  Initially I missed the Fortune beatdown on EV2.0, but after being told about it Friday night and reading Drow’s statement that it made the initial Nexus attack look like “a junior high play,” I had to go back and watch it.  It was absolutely brutal – James Storm was just maiming people left and right with pieces of broken glass!  I can’t wait for the aftermath of this, when the EV2.0 guys try for revenge.  Extreme Violence?  It’s just beginning!

    I still haven’t watched SmackDown.  I’m not even interested in watching.  Initially I considered ordering SummerSlam tonight, but that’s probably out of the question too.  There’s nothing that’s captured my attention booked for tonight.  The only thing that would possibly make this worth the money is if The Miz cashes in and wins the WWE Championship tonight, and I highly doubt that’s going to happen.

    If any of our readers live in Western New York, come on out Friday, August 20th to Chuggers in West Seneca as DTD Entertainment presents the Honoring The Idol 2010 Pre Party featuring my band thinksobrain, whom G so graciously puts over in his SmackDown review every week.  Also, don’t forget that Empire State Wrestling returns to the St. Johnsburg Fire Hall in North Tonawanda on Saturday, September 11th.  The main event is set to be ESW Tag Team Champions Famous defending against Kevin Grace and Pepper Parks.  Also announced for the show is Jonny Puma vs. Ryot, and Ceasar’s Legion members Tommy Mandrake and Superbeast taking on our friends Barry and Brian Hardy.  Hope to see you guys around!