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  1. WWE RAW 3/24/14 – GET TO THE CHOPPAH!


    Arnold Schwarzenegger is in New York today to be on one of my favorite TV shows!  That’s right, he’s a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote his new movie, Sabotage.  And he’s also on some other show filming live from New York tonight – Brooklyn to be more precise.  He’s one of the guest hosts of Monday Night RAW!  But we’ll get there in a little bit.  Some other stuff happens first.  What kind of stuff?  I guess you’ll have to read on!

    I watched 2 hours of this show and still have no idea what happened, so I’ll start over and post my findings here.  Go ahead, click the “Read More” link.  You know you want to.


  2. WWE RAW 3/17/14 – Hornswoggle returns!


    Let me tell you right now that the first hour of this show pretty much dragged.  That said, I’m going to be really skimming through it this week.  The second hour was actually pretty good, and the start of hour three?  Well, you’ll see when we get there.  So, let’s go!

    I watch the first two hours at home, drive to work, then have to watch the entire show again because I forgot what happened and didn’t have the foresight to review it live.  It’s irrelevant anyway – you’re more interested in Gregory Iron being our special guest on this Sunday’s BWF Radio.