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  1. WWE RAW 4/14/14 – RAW is WAR(RIOR)


    No wisecracks or jokes to start this week’s RAW review.  WWE has dedicated tonight to honoring the memory of Warrior, and out of respect for Warrior, I will save such nonsense for the performers on the show.  For what it’s worth, the autopsy results are in, Warrior died of heart disease.  While the investigation is still ongoing, it should be noted that the initial reports say natural causes, so no matter what some TV talking head would have you believe, Warrior’s death did not involve drugs or alcohol.



  2. Smackdown 07/13/12: Go Away Show.


    Hey, it IS Friday the 13th, too.

    Yes, it’s the “Go Home” show for Money in the Bank this Sunday on PPV. And the whole damn product revolves around one thing… not the laptop, nor the Smackdown GM getting his Christmas Wish granted with the ability to speak (even though he was over in December…. shh! We are supposed to forget that!).

    BWF RADIO INVADED WONDERPOD TODAY! CHECK THIS OUT NOW! Wonderpod Episode 118 A challenge has been issued, Jabronis! iTunes, archive.org, article and stream.

    Yes, one character seems to have taken over in a illogical way. No, not Double A (that’s the “good” product). We’re one year out from the “Summer of Punk II” shtick. Wow. This is not your Ten Year Old’s WWE. RIght Mr. Cena?

    Oh yeah, remember that Zach Ryder guy? No? Me neither, but it appears he is the GM for Smackdown. Turns out the computer is more popular in the WWE’s opinion. YAWN. Oh well, here’s the magical picture part of the review and the “hopping” reference:

    ‘Nuff said, let’s hop to it, shall we?