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  1. WWE RAW 6/10/13

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    To think, this is where it all started, just over five years ago, as I demanded to know where my cut of Vince McMahon’s money was.  Yes, the first real article was about an episode of RAW where you could “Win Vince McMahon’s Money.”  Remember that?  Seemed like longer ago that all that happened, but it seems like yesterday that I launched this site.  Here I am five years later, and we’re talking about RAW and Vince McMahon again.  Let’s go!

    I watch 30 minutes of RAW, leave for work, avoid spoilers like (and from) the plague, and then watch the entire show when I get here.  That’s how ThinkSoJoE’s RAW reviews work.  Also, I play by my own rules.  Screw you, SmackDown review!