Tonight we have a night of firsts, Chris Jericho makes his first appearance on the program, Christian also makes his first appearance on the program and The Teddy Long Flow Chart also makes it’s appearance (I think) so here are the results: 

Match 1: Chris Jericho def. Cody Rhodes- Good match here, nothing to complain about.

Zeb Colter and his new man crush Antonio Ceasaro are out next.  Colter insults South Carolina, does hie usual real american spiel and hypes Caesaro.  Caesar then tells everyone he’s better than them.  Colter then says he wants his country back.

Match 2: Christian def. Dean Ambrose when the SHIELD attacked Christian.  The Uso’s come out and make the save and since there is 20 mins left in the program I have a feeling that the Teddy Long Flow Chart is in the building.  It is but the match is announced for this weeks Smackdown.

RAW Recap- Punkerine wants Lesnar.

When the hell did the Funkadsctyls start singing?  They’re horrible.  We are also introduced to Jo-Jo who is singing with them and is not doing much better.  This was just to plug the new divas show that Joe will be watching and recapping for us until it’s cancelled.

Match 3: Prime Time Players def. Tons Of Funk- UGH. Put this crap on at the beginning of the program, this isn’t a live show. Jericho/Rhodes should be here.  I guess the Players have a match against Punkerine and Axle Rose on RAW Monday, so that’s why they get the win here.

Overall- Good shoe overall except the last match.  I don’t get why WWE keeps treating their non-live shows like they’re live with their match order.  It just seems like lazy programming to me.  Well that’s all for now until Cock Talk this SUn 2pm est!!!!!

Match 3:


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