Due to the length of today’s post, I have edited it to better suit the front page.  The draft picks will be listed here by brand at the top of the post, and the in-depth analysis will be found after the jump.


  1. Jamie Noble
  2. Deuce
  3. Chuck Palumbo
  4. Matt Striker
  5. Layla
  6. Kofi Kingston


  1. Trevor Murdoch
  2. Big Daddy V
  3. DH Smith
  4. Brian Kendrick
  5. Maria
  6. Shelton Benjamin
  7. Carlito


  1. Mark Henry
  2. Hornswoggle
  3. Super Crazy
  4. Finlay

Full analysis of the 2008 supplemental draft picks, after the jump!

12 Noon – ECW receives Mark Henry from SmackDown.

Apparently, Mark Henry has been added to the ECW title match at Night of Champions, so now it’s a tri-branded match, with Henry representing ECW, Big Show representing SmackDown, and the current ECW Champion, Kane, representing RAW.

12:10 PM – RAW receives Jamie Noble from SmackDown.

Noble is a heck of an athlete, but smaller than what Mr. McMahon likes to push.  He hasn’t been utilized much recently, other than a mini-feud with Hornswoggle, no pun intended.  However, he’s been credited by Shawn Michaels for coming up with that reverse figure-four that HBK was using in the weeks leading up to WrestleMania 24, and was commended for his knowledge of the business by none other than “Nature Boy” Ric Flair in his Hall of Fame acceptance speech.  Not sure how well he’ll fare on RAW though, guess we’ll have to tune in and find out.

quick note:  we’re having issues connecting to the WWE Fan Nation live blog right now, we’ll have the picks as soon as they’re posted on the WWE.com main page if we don’t get back on.

12:20PM – SmackDown receives Trevor Murdoch from RAW

I think I actually predicted this one the other day in my pre-draft post.  I think Trevor’s got a pretty good shot of getting over on the Friday Night show, leaving behind Lance Cade and bringing along his new country music superstar gimmick.  Plus no more singoffs with Jillian can’t be a horrible thing, can it?

12:30PM – SmackDown receives Big Daddy V from ECW

Maybe his weight issues have been resolved and we’ll see Big Daddy V back in action soon for the blue brand!  Last time we saw him, he and fellow supplemental draftee Mark Henry were dominating the ranks on ECW.

12:40PM – RAW receives Deuce from SmackDown

Another prediction that I made on Monday, Deuce leaves behind Domino and Maryse, as well as ex-girlfriend Cherry to go to the red brand.  I see big things for Superfly’s boy on RAW.

12:50PM – SmackDown receives DH Smith from RAW

Well.  Looks like he’s not going to be Ted DiBiase’s partner at Night of Champions after all.  Not sure how I feel about this yet, I’ll figure it out by tonight’s podcast and talk about it then.

1PM – ECW receives Hornswoggle from SmackDown

Interesting pick.  Another one that I’m not sure how I feel about – but this thought – how well will he fare without Finlay?

1:15PM – ECW receives Super Crazy from RAW

The Insane Luchador returns to ECW!  An ECW Original, Super Crazy will be a perfect fit with ECW’s high flyers such as Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston.

1:30PM – RAW receives Chuck Palumbo from SmackDown

Not my favorite guy on the roster, I actually predicted that he’d be going to ECW to improve his skills before being brought up to the main brands.  Jamie Noble had a feud going for a while with Palumbo, and with both guys on RAW, it may continue, keeping both guys in the rut they were in on the blue brand.

1:40PM – SmackDown receives Brian Kendrick from RAW

And with that, the amazingly awesome, and not to mention obscenely popular, tag team of Paul London and Brian Kendrick ends.  Last year the two came to RAW in the supplemental draft, this year they’re split up by it.  They say all good things must come to an end, and this tag team apparently is one of them.  Here’s to Spanky not becoming the perennial jobber for the blue brand!

1:50PM – RAW receives Matt Striker from ECW

The former social studies teacher returns to Monday Nights.  Striker hasn’t been utilized very well in his WWE tenure.  I’ve seen the guy wrestle at a local indy show, and he’s a very good performer in the ring, as well as on the mic.  Hopefully with this move to RAW and the fact that he’s actually been used in a wrestling role on ECW the last few weeks, he’ll get a push and be able to show off what got him to the big time.

2PM – SmackDown receives Maria from RAW

SmackDown’s acquisitions of RAW’s popular talents continue to add up, as Maria becomes the first WWE Diva drafted this year.  Will it be good for her career?  Will it be good for SmackDown’s ratings once they hit MyNetworkTV in October?  Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

2:12PM – SmackDown receives Shelton Benjamin from ECW

Ain’t no stoppin’ him nooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww… that he’s back on the blue brand.  The Gold Standard of ECW will try to become the gold standard of Friday Night SmackDown, and since he’s developed a little bit of a personality during his ECW stay to go along with his extraordinary in-ring abilities, Shelton Benjamin should be a huge star on SmackDown.

2:22PM – ECW receives Finlay from SmackDown

I guess my question earlier about what Hornswoggle’s going to do without Finlay on ECW is moot now.  The interesting thing about this pick is that now the WWE Tag Team Championship match at Night of Champions, as it stands right now, is being contested between two teams of ECW superstars, thus keeping the belts away from their rightful brand no matter who wins.

2:31PM – SmackDown receives Carlito from RAW

Sorry, Carlito.  Looks like you’re not getting away from Triple H that easily.  If this were Monday, Carlito being drafted to SmackDown after some comments he’s recently made about Triple H in interviews would have probably been considered a good thing.  However, since Triple H is also going to be on the blue brand, expect Carlito to be buried in mid-card hell.  Hopefully the same won’t hold true for Santino Marella over on RAW now that he’s not going to be teaming with Carlito anymore.

2:43PM – RAW receives Layla from ECW

I’m not Layla’s biggest fan.  I wasn’t when she was in the Diva Search, and I haven’t been since she’s been on ECW.  However, I’ll give her credit for at least trying to learn how to wrestle.  As long as she’s not doing stupid dance skits every week on RAW like she had been on ECW, there’s no reason this can’t turn out to be a good pick for the red brand.

Between picks, Howard Finkel took the time to announce that wwe.com will be having a new trivia game called “OUT-THINK THE FINK.”  Given that The Fink is known to be great with wrestling history, it may be a very difficult game.  Can’t wait for that one!

3PM – RAW receives Kofi Kingston from ECW

Apparently the Extreme Rules match last night on ECW was the blowoff to the feud that I thought would have kept the Jamaican sensation off of RAW.  Shelton and Kofi had a great rivalry on the Tuesday night show, but will leave that behind to persue bigger and better things on the top two brands of the company.  RAW really got a great competitor here, and I don’t think it will be very long before we see some Intercontinental gold around the waist of Kofi Kingston.

My thoughts:  Well, a few more of my predictions I made on Monday came true, with Deuce heading to RAW and Trevor Murdoch heading over to SmackDown.  A couple guys I predicted would be finding new homes are indeed moving, but to different brands than I had expected.  I haven’t really looked at it in depth to see how it will effect the brands’ rosters either way, but I’ll be sure to do that before tonight’s Podcast.  As of right now, despite the fact that the supplemental draft went on until 3PM and I have to work at 11PM, I’m still planning the podcast for later tonight – but don’t be 100% shocked if it doesn’t go up until tomorrow morning.

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