Due to the length of today’s post, I have edited it to better suit the front page.  The draft picks will be listed here by brand at the top of the post, and the in-depth analysis will be found after the jump.  This is done in Real-Time, so click your browser’s refresh button every 10 minutes or so for the latest picks!


Mr. Kennedy
Nikki Bella
Chavo Guerrero
The Brian Kendrick
Brie Bella


Shad Gaspard
Alicia Fox
Mike Knox
Candice Michelle
Ricky Ortiz
John Morrison
Dolph Ziggler
Charlie Haas


Ezikiel Jackson
Zack Ryder
DH Smith
Hurricane Helms

Full analysis of the 2008 supplemental draft picks, after the jump!

12 Noon -RAW receives Mr. Kennedy from SmackDown

Misteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Injury Prone!  Injury Prone!  Mr. Kennedy hasn’t been seen since Behind Enemy Lines:  Columbia dropped on DVD.  Maybe that will all change now that the golden voiced Superstar is on RAW.

12:10 PM – SmackDown receives Shad Gaspard from RAW

Good bye Cryme Tyme!  If JTG doesn’t get drafted later on, I think Shad’s next move is back to the unemployment line.  Tag Team wrestlers – and this doesn’t apply to the Miz and John Morrison, since they were singles wrestlers as much as they were a team – who get split from their partners in the draft don’t last long.  Case in point, last year Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch were split up, and Paul London lost The Brian Kendrick to SmackDown, and the three of them are back on the indies doing a whole lot of nothing.

12:20 PM – SmackDown receives Alicia Fox from SmackDown

Alicia Fox?  Really?  Does SmackDown really need to waste five to ten minutes a week on the Friday night show watching bad dance moves.  SmackDown got a bad investment here, in my opinion.

12:30 PM – RAW receives Primo from SmackDown

What’s the point?  He’s one half of the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions – which means he’ll pretty much be on all three brands anyway until he and Carlito drop the titles.  Unless, of course, WWE cares so little about the tag team division that they just get rid of the belts entirely, which would be a sad day in wrestling history.

12:40 PM – SmackDown receives Mike Knox from RAW

I’m sitting at the computer for the next three hours to cover this?  I don’t think Knox did all he could on the red brand, now I think he’s going to be lost in a sea of monsters on SmackDown.  Since I’m a fan of Knox, here’s hoping I’m wrong.

12:50 PM – ECW receives Ezikiel Jackson from SmackDown

Well, that’s one less monster for Knox to deal with.  What does this mean for The Brian Kendrick?

1PM – RAW receives Nikki Bella from SmackDown

Wow, even the Diva teams are being affected by the draft, and in this case, it’s two sisters!  Nikki Bella and sister Brie haven’t really been around long enough to do anything yet, so let’s see where this goes.

1:10 PM – SmackDown receives Candice Michelle from RAW

Couldn’t we just draft her straight to the unemployment line?  The injury rate of the SmackDown Divas is about to shoot through the roof.

1:20 PMECW receives Zack Ryder from SmackDown

Yet another tag team down the tubes – at least this time it’s a team that hasn’t been prominently featured on television recently.  Time for a fresh start for the former WWE Tag Team Champions as singles competitors.

1:30 PM – RAW receives Chavo Guerrero from SmackDown

Hooray!  Chavo is stuck pushing his aunt around in a wheelchair instead of, y’know, wrestling. Perhaps he’ll join Legacy?

1:40 PM – SmackDown receives Ricky Ortiz from ECW

Break out the Ricky O. Rally towels, ECW’s GM Tiffany loses her love interest as Ricky Ortiz gets drafted to the blue brand several months after he lost all credibility.

1:50 PM – SmackDown receives Layla from RAW

William Regal is losing his lady friend, but unfortunately it looks like Alicia Fox is gaining a dance partner.  Thankfully I’ve been DVRing SmackDown and watching it later, so I can skip right through that crap.

2 PM – RAW receives Hornswoggle from ECW

And another family is split up by the WWE Draft!  I’m seriously doubting that Finlay will follow him this year, since he’s got the Elimination Chase match tomorrow night with Christian on WWE Superstars!

2:10 PM – ECW receives DH Smith from SmackDown

Technically, Natalya is on SmackDown, so technically, another family is being broken up by the draft.  Here’s to finally pulling the trigger on Hart Foundation 2.0!

2:20 PM – SmackDown receives John Morrison from ECW

After his amazing match with Evan Bourne last night on ECW, the Guru of Greatness is moving on to Friday Nights.  Big things in this man’s future, big things.

2:30 PM – RAW receives Carlito from SmackDown

After two hours, the Unified Tag Team Champions are reunited on RAW!

2:39 PM – ECW receives Natalya from SmackDown

It’s official, this generation of the Hart family are all on ECW!  Expect them to join forces sooner rather than later!

2:50 PM – RAW receives Festus from SmackDown

Yet another tag team, perhaps the last one aside from Legacy and WWE Tag Team Champions Primo and Carlito, have been split up by the draft.  The Corn Fed Colassus, Festus, hits the red brand.

3 PM – SmackDown receives JTG from RAW

And another tag team re-unites after two hours and 50 minutes.  Cryme Tyme are now going to bore me on Friday nights instead of Monday nights.  Hooray.

3:10 PM – SmackDown receives Dolph Ziggler from RAW

Who cares?

3:20 PM – RAW receives The Brian Kendrick from SmackDown

The Brian Kendrick is drafted back to his previous brand for the third straight year.  Here’s hoping he has more success on RAW than he’s had lately on SmackDown!

3:31 PM – SmackDown receives Charlie Haas from RAW

A lot of people think the World’s Greatest Tag Team may re-unite.  Worst thing that could happen for Shelton Benjamin at this point.  I like Charlie, and I like him teamed with Shelton, but I think Shelton needs to be on his own.  Guess we’ll see where this goes.

3:40 PM – ECW receives Hurricane Helms from SmackDown

Stand back!  ECW’s got a new hero!  Being lost in the mix on SmackDown, an ECW run could be the best thing to happen to Helms since he first became The Hurricane!

3:50 PM – RAW receives Brie Bella from SmackDown

2 Hours and 40 minutes after being split in the draft, the Bellas are re-united on RAW with the last pick.

That’s it, folks, one big pile of “meh.”  Yours truly will see you Friday for SmackDown, and stay tuned for tharvey1’s look at the premiere episode of WWE Superstars!

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